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XXL Winter Bundle

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TitlesCollectionscards% positive reviews
Cat on a Diet Cat on a Diet 688%
Epic Showdown Epic Showdown 44%
Frederic: Resurrection of Music Director's Cut Frederic: Resurrection of Music Director's Cut 581%
Hard Room Hard Room 668%
Kraven Manor Kraven Manor 74%
Merchants of Kaidan Merchants of Kaidan 660%
Millie Millie 682%
Mind Spheres Mind Spheres 591%
Red Risk Red Risk 749%
Red Risk (Soundtrack) Red Risk (Soundtrack) 100%
Risky Rescue Risky Rescue 684%
Roll'd Roll'd 683%
Sinless Sinless 684%
Sparkle 2 Evo Sparkle 2 Evo 672%
Sparkle 3 Genesis Sparkle 3 Genesis 563%
Sparkle ZERO Sparkle ZERO 650%
Surfingers Surfingers 587%
Timberman Timberman 593%
Violett Violett 658%
What's under your blanket !? What's under your blanket !? 585%
Zombillie Zombillie 573%

The segmented lines show the relative supply and demand of each game on Games with longer blue lines show that there are more tradable copies. Longer orange lines show that more users wishlisted the games.