Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim

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Taking the Stage

⇄ tradeable: BAZ; Guille36; yoyosam; Bernie_23; Aligar

The Key Players

⇄ tradeable: de.netto[Idling]; BAZ; Bunny (Alter); Cajito, the Cat King


⇄ tradeable: de.netto[Idling]; BAZ; Guille36; Cajito, the Cat King; yoyosam; Bernie_23; Aligar

Trouble's Coming!

⇄ tradeable: BAZ; Bunny (Alter); Guille36; yoyosam


⇄ tradeable: Bunny (Alter); Aligar

Caged Priestess

⇄ tradeable: de.netto[Idling]; Excuritas; Bunny (Alter); Cajito, the Cat King; yoyosam


⇄ tradeable: Guille36; Aligar