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Queen Vhexisis

⇄ tradeable: .4nDr3🎮; Torva Crinem

Gur'chuul, High Starchild

⇄ tradeable: Azth!; LaMainNoire


⇄ tradeable: Azth!; da_norf; LaMainNoire

Amon Morax

⇄ tradeable: Jeff; zelgaris; .4nDr3🎮; Presto Majesto; Torva Crinem; LaMainNoire

Kahman, The God Embalmer

⇄ tradeable: Azth!; Jeff; Presto Majesto; theemu; LaMainNoire

Otylosh, The Malignant One

⇄ tradeable: Azth!; zelgaris; Presto Majesto; Torva Crinem

Sharsahel, the Arch-Undead

⇄ tradeable: Jeff; .4nDr3🎮; Torva Crinem

Ghulvol, The Insatiable

⇄ tradeable: zelgaris; Torva Crinem

The Crystal Council

⇄ tradeable: zelgaris; .4nDr3🎮; theemu