BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend

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Ragna the Bloodedge

⇄ tradeable: Hang-in-there; Jeff; 「Cristi075」; ☯Nevros☯; FierstArter; Наталля Арлоўская; RetroGamerAndrew; Camo Toe; ThreeSon; Bazilius

Noel Vermillion

⇄ tradeable: Hang-in-there; Narharos; Teklo; surugu8; theemu

Bang Shishigami

⇄ tradeable: 「Cristi075」; Narharos; Наталля Арлоўская; Faith No More; surugu8; Camo Toe; Bazilius


⇄ tradeable: Hang-in-there; Jeff; Narharos; Наталля Арлоўская; Silver Dragon; Teklo; surugu8; ThreeSon

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

⇄ tradeable: 「Cristi075」; Silver Dragon; Lorenzo; Teklo; RetroGamerAndrew; Faith No More; Camo Toe

Platinum the Trinity

⇄ tradeable: Anarchy; Hang-in-there; Gulayo; Silver Dragon; Lorenzo; Teklo; surugu8; theemu


⇄ tradeable: Anarchy; Hang-in-there; 「Cristi075」; surugu8; Camo Toe; ThreeSon

Tsubaki Yayoi

⇄ tradeable: Hang-in-there; 「Cristi075」; FierstArter; Наталля Арлоўская; Faith No More; surugu8; Bazilius

Makoto Nanaya

⇄ tradeable: Anarchy; Silver Dragon; Teklo; RetroGamerAndrew; surugu8


⇄ tradeable: Jeff; FierstArter; Наталля Арлоўская; Silver Dragon; Lorenzo; surugu8; Camo Toe; ThreeSon