Dead Island: Epidemic

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Release Date2 years ago ( 2014 / 11 / 20 )
User Reviews82% Positive ( 19,703 reviews )
SteamSpy Stats~5,088,273 Owners; ~2,195,620 Players; ~2,049 Recent
Trading CardsTrading card icon 5 ( details, market)
User TagsFree to Play, decommissioned, Early Access, Zombies, Action, MOBA, Co-op, Multiplayer, Online Co-Op, RPG, Top-Down, PvP, Gore, Survival, Team-Based, Shooter, Action RPG, Hack and Slash, Adventure, Strategy, Top-Down Shooter
Trading Tagsdecommissioned (3 users, 12 months ago), given away (2 users, 21 months ago), same title (2 users, 21 months ago), fraud alert (2 users, 21 months ago)

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