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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

duffman313 claimed I agree to modify this offer

$Jcm_Street$ claimed I agree to modify this offer

avatar ๐Ÿ’ Lilly (๐ŸŒธโ— โ€ฟโ— ) volunteered to mediate this dispute.

About Love, Hate and the other ones key was dupe, and the intention was to replace it with Battlestar Galactica + Flatout.
$Jcm_Street$ cancelled his existing trade for Battlestar Galactica in order to offer it to duffman313 as a sign of good will, but Flatout turned to be a duplicate.
inMomentum worked, NecroVisioN: Lost Company was also a duplicate (2 keys tried).

$Jcm_Street$ is advised to try to find a replacement for Flatout + NecroVisioN: Lost Company, which he did and both parties are now satisfied with the exchange.
10 months ago

Mediator ๐Ÿ’ Lilly (๐ŸŒธโ— โ€ฟโ— ) edited the failed reasons of offer ( Countered )
  • $Jcm_Street$ completed offer with duffman313
  • X duffman313 failed (insufficient) offer with $Jcm_Street$
  • 🔄 Mediator ๐Ÿ’ Lilly (๐ŸŒธโ— โ€ฟโ— ) reset the offer status
  • ๐Ÿ’ Lilly (๐ŸŒธโ— โ€ฟโ— ) volunteered to mediate offer
  • duffman313 completed offer with $Jcm_Street$
  • X $Jcm_Street$ failed (insufficient) offer with duffman313
  • > $Jcm_Street$ accepted offer from duffman313
  • < duffman313 proposed offer to $Jcm_Street$
  • 🕗 $Jcm_Street$ set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 duffman313 set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar I should notice, after several duplicates, the other party tried and succeeded to come with a solution. So, kudos to that.
  • Thanks to Lilly helping both of us to resolve this issue.
  • $Jcm_Street$ offered me a valid key for FlatOut at last, so I'm willing to mark the trade as completed.
  • Thank you for helping this offer getting sorted out. Will keep you updated, and willing to achieve a positive outcome for both of us. Best regards.
  • avatar @$Jcm_Street$, @duffman313 please try to discuss the trade again in a friendly manner and try to reach an agreement satisfactory for both of you
  • @$Jcm_Street$: please try to provide a replacement for your duplicate keys; at the moment only Battlestar Galactica + inMomentum worked and Flatout / NecroVisioN: Lost Company should be replaced.
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Game: Link detected
  • avatar you show yourself with very bad side, let the moderator read the correspondence
  • I don't understand why you put on me I sent item, but did not receive everything we agreed to exchange, I asked you to cancel the deal before you threw off your game, or return the battlestar back to me or something equivalent,
  • and that you should buy games for the fanatic and give it to you! Throw off screenshots there is correspondence
  • avatar Thank you Lilly for your help to mediate. I would like to add you on Steam so I could send you the screenshots.
  • avatar Hello, I reset the status of this offer. If the exchange was successful, then please choose Complete, otherwise you can choose a Cancel status.
  • avatar and that you should buy games for the fanatic and give it to you! Throw off screenshots there is correspondence
  • and then he said that the flatout turned out to be a duplicate and that I owed you not 2 games, but 4. that instead of one you added Battlestar Galactica and flatout
  • I wanted this deal, because I offered this game to another person, you yourself asked to cancel this deal with another person and give them to you!
  • you accuse me of having 4 failed to complete, although after you said that the first key was a duplicate, I asked to cancel the deal or find another game! After you offered me to exchange it for battlestar and flatout, I said that I was not sure if I want
  • avatar Other user also failed to complete 4 other trades in the last 48h...
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  • Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Game: Link detected
  • I got screens for the whole steam chat.
  • Finally, he hasn't did a single move to offer About Love..., NecroVision or Flatout. By now I'm at the shorter end of the stick with only 1 game I really wanted, and another 1 I got no interest for in the 1st place+my feedback is stained with a comlaint.
  • TL, DR 7 : he got what he wanted and I don't. I kinda feel robbed and also couldn't help but notice his tradables aren't organised whatsoever.
  • TLL,DR 6 : other trader sent me another key for NecroVision which was once again a duplicate. So he sent me two availables keys (Battllestar Galactica, inMomentum) and 4 duplicates (About Love.., FlatOut, Necrovision x2).
  • TL,DR 5 : I told him we could agree to cancel out the offer or try to sort it out by letting me redeem inMomentum (which I did) and NecroVision (which fail miserably with another duplicate). I sent Tannenberg via HB link and he has redeemed it.
  • TL,DR 4 : Other trader said he wasn't ok for the deal he implicitly agreed juste a few minutes before and canceled the trade on Barter, arguing he lost items.
  • TL, DR 3 : at this moment, I felt a bit worried for the other games of the trades (ie inMomentum and NecroVision) and asked for another key for FlatOut 1.
  • TL, DR 2 : as he wasn't able to provide me the game, he agreed to send me FlatOut 1 (which was in his tradables back then) and Battlestar Galactica. FlatOut 1key turn out to be another duplicate, and I redeemed Battlestar Galactica.
  • TL, DR : other user is a bit new to the site and failed to keep track of his keys. He agreed to the offer and we proceeded. He first sent me a key for "About Love, Hate and the other ones" which was a duplicate.
  • avatar I got a Tannenberg
  • we have all decided and agreed, we would like to cancel the dispute
  • avatar I sent Tannenberg via HB link and other party redeemed it and told me he has.
  • At the moment, I got InMomentum, and Battlestar Galactica from this trader. He seems to not have a clue using barter and where his keys come from, as not a single one of his tradables are tagged with a store.
  • At the moment, I got InMomentum, and Battlestar Galactica from this trader. He seems to not have a
  • Other party sent duplicates keys for "About Love, Hate and the other ones", "NecroVision". He also sent me another duplicate for FlatOut which was in his tradables, after we agreed he'll send it to me instead of "About Love, Hate"
duffman313 will send 1 of these tradables

in exchange for

$Jcm_Street$ will send 3 of these tradables

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