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  • avatar I added both of you on Steam. It will probably be more productive to discuss this separately rather than together in this offer.
  • avatar I'm not interested in which account the code was used and from where (what account, from which game) his "Query account by CD key" Email comes from. The fact is, I received a duplicate. And I don't need to steal freebies. Putting all the inconsistencies together ("pls try first", the excuse he thought the code was already expired, the stupid announcement to create a "fake account" to test the key, and his lie to mark here this offer as not as described) you realize he's not honestly on the road,
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  • And the stupidest thing ever, what he involuntarily showed: He would have offered a duplicate without hesitation. He send an offer on the 4th of February, although he was initially assumed that the keycode could have expired on 1 February. (his words in chat on screen4)
  • "so, i'm gonna create fake steam account and redem this key ...", that shouldn't go up in smoke. He wanted to show it to me at all costs. He has personal problems with the insight that he was wrong in Chat.
  • I could also have a third account and activate it there to trick him if I wanted to. I have no idea where he got that kind of evidence. However, he cannot prove that his code was still valid. The "Query account by CD key" Email, as he argues, can be generated by any further keycode of similar game. From which keycode, you don't see in real time, because the sreenshot is static.
  • Who leaves a keycode unused if you want to cheat? I would have been warned, because he wrote "so, i'm gonna create fake steam account and redem this key ..." (screen4).
  • He's been telling me the scam from the beginning ("dont belive you" in Chat). Later in Chat (screen3 "i checked") he agreed to a replacement ("choose from one of these").
  •, I appreciate your attempt as a conciliator. I don't care about the keycode anymore. Svecka insulted me and called me a liar. "gimme an other freebie and good" (in chat) was my offer to him to look over a duplicate, which he interprets as fraud.
  • He made false proofs using another activation code. He wants to prove that I left an unused keycode. Absolutely nonsense!
  • For me, the matter was initially settled. But with his insult and the presentation of false facts he himself threw this boomerang.
  • Svecka has problems with the truth. He called me scammer here, left -rep on st. Afterwards I started this dispute.
  • I have not received a working key of Amnesia Collection! It was a duplicate!
  • avatar on your second statment, that is also correct, as he got another key from me (earth 2150) and still was not satisfied. then he blocked me. Also he also marked trade as key not working, as i have evidence, that he receive working key of earth 2150.
  • yes this is correct on your fist statement. I can provide evidence (steam account creation time, key activation and proof that the key i send was not already used, as i have proof that i have activated it, ect by steam key request ownership mail.
  • avatar Svecka, why did you mark this offer as not as described? acci001, if you receive a working key for Amnesia Collection, would that settle this dispute for you?
  • Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. Svecka, you sent Amnesia Collection and acci001 was not able to activate it. Then Svecka created another account to test the key and was able to activate it. Is this accurate?
  • avatar I have hardcore proof from STEAM, what you have? Two accounts and a pictures of steam chat, that provide proof that YOU LIE , that the key is already used!
  • its all in the picture that i provided...but looks like you need glasses. You cant even read time anymore ;)
  • avatar All said now ... bye!
  • Put the timestamp somewhere else. Prove the correct connection between account, email address and keycode. You can't because it was already in use.
  • avatar if anyone tries to activate the key, there will be TIME STAMP OF TRIED ACTIVATION. So i DARE ANYONE, try to activate key xx times whenever and when your done i will send you screenshot of email..the times of your activation tries will match with steam emails
  • avatar I think it's funny how desperate you try to run me down with big letters on Keep up the good work! People know who they can believe. :)
  • Sure, from your base-account. Keep believing I'm stupid.
  • avatar you can try the key yourself and i will receive email from steam...anytime, anywhere! You are so dumb, that you dont understand that?
  • avatar everyone can also see what a liar you are. "pls try first" ... and now you have to invent some story ... a bad looser, who can't admin his mistakes.
  • You have received this e-mail via another keycode. You faked it retrospectively in the Screenshot. No scammer leaves a key unused!
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  • avatar If I really wanted to cheat, no keycode would remain unused. You screen doesn't prove anything. Amusing guy. I could laugh at you. You created an other account, only to pretend such nonsense with an other keycode of same game. :D
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  • avatar he is scammer, prof exist in my favor, as he was lying that the key was allready used, and it was not!
  • avatar Screenshots of chat soon! (~24h) I gave him a chance for an alternative. The chat will prove that he made contradictory statements. I never made a second account a secret. And I would have done without - Hacker Evolution was just a gift that worked thanks to God. But I won't be insulted. Not two times. -rep on ST ... that should be his own goal.
  • avatar you are a scammer!
  • pls decline if your not interested so i can offer game to someone else, thx you
  • I prefer games with steam trading cards. Overview
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