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faydesmee claimed I requested to cancel

steenbreker claimed other party abandoned offer

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Mediator edited the failed reasons of offer ( Countered )
  • volunteered to mediate offer
  • X steenbreker failed offer with faydesmee
  • X faydesmee failed offer with steenbreker
  • > steenbreker accepted offer from faydesmee
  • < faydesmee proposed offer to steenbreker
  • 🕗 steenbreker set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 faydesmee set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Be glad that my mobile device sold so fast and I didn't make a complete backup of it.
  • avatar Thank you, Barter.
  • I will blacklist you now.
  • But I am not like you. Good Bye.
  • Anyone could make such false accusations like you. Me, too.
  • avatar Thank you, barter.
  • I have no idea what kind of heart beats in barter. And faydesmee, consider yourself lucky. It should never be at the expense of barter, when a dispute comes into the years. If the opposing side itself cannot provide any evidence for the discharge, it is outrageous to make demands. That was a pathetic behaviour.
  • avatar In short, if this dispute against me is going too last, I DO DEMAND ANY PROOF. Otherwise, it has no right to be seen for all those years.
  • You know what. I think you should go to the psychiatrist. That's all I can recommend you. Good Evening. I could not care less about this issue. It is too ridiculous and should have been deleted a long time ago.
  • A simple question. Who can you see when you look at the mirror in your own home? Can you see a human being?
  • Or people like. Probalbly there've thousads of them Watch them. Watch yourself on the screen. Pretty devestating image for me.
  • Maybe there will be a film about you :D
  • Elfs in Morrowind would call you a "little scum". :D
  • Talk. If you had any reson or proof, you would never let me go. But do not have any. That's why you leave. Poor liar.
  • avatar I very much hope that no one will do you the favor of saving the waiting time by leaving you a keycode in chat. As I said before, for that sanctimoniousness you deserve a trophy. I'm not gonna steal barter's time by talking to you anymore.
  • avatar But why do you want to make me an unfair person because of that? I do not get it. Really. It was my or your right to do it. So why are you doing it?
  • My offer, which I decided not to accept on time. Can you get it? It was my offer that I understood was not fair enough not to cancel it. It was not a fair offer that is why I cancelled it.
  • avatar Do you remember that was your offer? Why do you even trade and make offers when obviously everything is "crap" for you? lol (I'm afraid your brain received a "sys64738")
  • avatar But OK. Good Bye. My advice: Become an honest and good guy. Learn life.
  • I am an experienced player. I speak as a pro guy now. Who played all different genres (very old and new games).
  • For almost 30 years.
  • This company and Worms are a true materpiece for many reasons.
  • You cannot compare those two franchises, whatever you like. Just do not do it. For your good.
  • Worms are respected, popular, valued games played by milions of people all ove the world made by Team 17 (not an indie dev).
  • I'd prefer to play Commodore games than this - for free. Really. I would never ever use unfairly any key for such a crappy game. Makes no sense. :D
  • You really think I would even care about such a crappy game?
  • Same as Worms for this Snakebird game. Crap. Total crap to me.
  • But if accuser has no proof, or cannot prove anything, the despute should be gone. It is him who made the despute. Thus, it is him who should prove or put any evidence to the moderator. He did nothing. That being SAID.
  • avatar "I can buy you Metro Exodus for Snakebird. If not, you will delete me and discredit me." ... I don't understand the last part. But Metro Exodus is a little too high, don't you think? And why pay any attention to this matter?! You fucked me back then, and you do it again. Thank you for at least showing and demonstrating it here once.
  • avatar That's why it worked. Bye, bye. I won't talk to mentally disabled people.
  • I can buy you Metro Exodus for Snakebird. If not, you will delete me and discredit me.
  • What key would you like me to sponsor for you?
  • Hahaha... don't be such a troll :) Good for you.
  • But that's why it looks like. Good Bye.
  • avatar For that sanctimoniousness, I'd give you a trophy. ^^
  • avatar But that's why it looks like. Good Bye.
  • Sorry. I didn't intend to say that.
  • Are you some kind of a troll? That's what I think. You ARE A TROLL.
  • i just said "this one offer won't work" I changed my mind, let's cancel it. That was it.
  • I have no other account. Only one account. I do not understand what you are talking about. Really. "You didn't want to send any more keycodes." What exactly do you mean by that?
  • Why would I even try to come back to it if I was a shady person? It was me who wanted to fairly discuss it, but you are still lying. Sad. I wouldn't care less. I won't say more not to offend anyone. That said.
  • avatar "If I activated your key, why would I still have it wishlisted?" Already explained that. ^^ Well, now you're welcome to go on alone. Too stupid with you now.
  • I had evidence at the time. Say, don't you read? Did they shit in your brain or don't you want to understand? I will not repeat myself endlessly! Get happy with the game on another account. Somehow I see certain parallels. At the borders you are similarly active. You certainly know what I'm talking about. ^^
  • avatar BTW, I still have this game wishlisted on Barter. Funny, isn't it? If I activated your key, why would I still have it wishlisted? No sense again. Please stop your lies.
  • No proof, no guilt. That's why it works. Everyone can say anything. Just prove it. You are the accuser, not me. If you accuse anyone, just prove it. But you can't prove anything because you are lying. I am sorry for you.
  • Wait. Why do you accuse some other people if you have no proof? I think I am done with you.
  • I wanted to cancel. This is what I did. Just do not lie that you sent me some key.
  • avatar You didn't want to send any more keycodes. That's why I blocked you later. Don't try to turn over the words in my mouth. Keep speculating on good luck. It's all said. Have a nice evening, bye!
  • avatar What? You did not have to end anything. Nobody harrased you. You were mad and crazy like a child who removed me from the friend list, then started the despute. NO LOGIC. Your actions were childish and stupid! Even if you included some keycode, I had never chance to get it. Because of that. Though, I am sure you did not put any key before you removed me from the friends list. We both know that.
  • You removed me from friends. It's no bulshit but truth. This deleted our chat and any proof. You have no right to start this despute, to my mind. If you wanted to accuse me of anything, you should keep the chat, like most people do. Don't be a liar :)
  • avatar That "accusation" is 20 months old. Other content had higher priority at that time than I had set the device on Ebay. The device was already sold, so I had to act quickly and reset the device.
  • avatar I will leave the last word to the supervisor. What he decides, I will follow...
  • I could buy this game for a few cents. But that would make me feel scammed. Not a good feeling.
  • Why didn't you save any proof before any accusation like everyone else does? It makes no sense.
  • Remember one thing. Even if you posted it, you deleted me before I could even use the key. Keep this in mind. Just because I said I watned to cancel. I never used that key.
  • avatar Bullshit, I didn't block you before! How else could I have sent you the keycode? This discussion leads nowhere. I removed the block on steam. Please send me a replacement and good. Maybe good for barter, too. Nobody expects us to have to love each other afterwards.
  • "I wishlisted it but not pay for it three times than it is worth." lol ... Look how often Worms was already bundled at that time. (Snakebird is still 1✽ today).
  • avatar Remember one thing. Even if you posted it, you deleted me before I could even use the key. Keep this in mind. Just because I said I watned to cancel. I never used that key.
  • avatar I already wrote that the mobile device (tablet) with the screenshot was replaced long ago. (later sold on Ebay). It has not done ~20 months on this dispute.
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  • avatar I wishlisted it but not pay for it three times than it is worth. Sorry. Did you wanted to use me? And you did not make any screens because you were not hurt at all. That's where you words start to be doubtful.
  • Normal hurt person would make a screen to proof he was "scammed". You did not do it. You just wanted to discredit me with no reason at all.
  • Your word against my word has no value. The despute makes no sense. Let's end it.
  • You accuse me. Accuser is supoosed to provide the proof. No proof, no sentence. That being said.
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Game: Link detected
  • ....ago (replaced). And yes, I want a replacement! Maybe a giftlink of Snakebird that I can trade elsewhere. I don't need it for myself, because I am fine with the DRMfree one at HumbleBundle. Therefore also nonsense that I could have used the keycode for myself.
  • lol ... how about you activated the keycode on an 2nd account, you scanner. Angry about your cancel?? It's your offer, you remember? Proof? Maybe your only chance of getting away with your lie ... my mobile device of the 20 month old screenshot has long
  • avatar However, if you have no proof to back up your accusements, this despute should be ended. It's normal and logical. The more so that, this is the only despute I have ever had with anyone for over 7 years on Steam related sites.
  • But wait! People like you can use the key, and tell me it did not work. I am not sure if I can risk it. Heh.
  • Do you really want that key back. I can get it for you! For free as a sponsor. It won't hurt my wallet at all. And you won't earn much on it. Pretty nothing.
  • Most people have reasonable arguments. All you have are just invented lies. That's all. I am sorry for people like you.
  • If you have no proof, why are you accusing anyone?
  • I just wonder one thing. Why are you doing it to other people?
  • I have 100% on Polish and English sites. No exception. I would not risk my rep. for a buck. No logic.
  • I have been over 7 years on Steam and related sites. You are the only one with whom I had trouble with. And the thing is I have not been the only one. Sorry.
  • You just wanted to discredit a random person who canceled a deal. Terrible!
  • Usually a person who accuses someone (like you did) makes a screenshot. Do you have any proof that you sent me the key?
  • Worms in not Indie, BTW. I canceled because I realized this is not a fair deal. I had the right to do it. And you went mad like a child.
  • I never received or used any key you are talking about. I cancelled because I do not like this game at all.
  • I have never even seen any key that you could potentially sent to me because you deleted me. I did NOT even read your message. You got angry that I cancelled the message because (as you said) you canceled two other offers to exchange with me.
  • avatar Correct. I created the code directly from HB. But sorry, I selected the wrong reason for this dispute (possibly by scrolling with the mouse). Not "received an invalid key", I received nothing, because "faydesmee" canceled the trade. Sorry for the inaccurate information!
  • avatar You sent the Snakebird key and after the offer failed, you discovered that the key was already used?
  • avatar He got my keycode, which I left him in steam-chat while he was offline. Only a few hours later he wanted to stop the trade. "Indie 4 indie ONLY!" and it is an offer, he sended to me!! Meanwhile he gave me -rep on st this liar! I lost one keycode. I checked it later. (It"s used)
  • avatar Hi, it has been over two years, but I'll be the mediator for this dispute and I hope it's still possible to resolve.
  • avatar Hello, how can I end this dispute? The guy lied and made this dispute to me. I need to remove this from my profile. It is unfair.
  • He did not send me anything. It's a lie.
  • We agreed to cancel.
  • And he did not send me any key, either.
  • This is not truth because I did not send any key to this man!
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