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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

jillyjill2 claimed what was offered or what I received was not as described

zZzaLien claimed ...

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X jillyjill2 failed offer with zZzaLien
  • zZzaLien completed offer with jillyjill2
  • > zZzaLien accepted offer from jillyjill2
  • < jillyjill2 proposed offer to zZzaLien
  • 🕗 zZzaLien set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 jillyjill2 set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar I changed the status of this offer to "not as described"
  • avatar i recieved two keys from developers one of them beholder , one of them rescue team 5(i thougt so beholder) and i used beholder key.after that send wrong key to jillyjilly2 unintentionally.
  • avatar zZzaLien, did you receive two keys from the developers? It appears that you redeemed the Beholder key and sent the key for Rescue Team 5 to jillyjill2.
  • avatar I found out that Alawar revoked and replaced Beholder keys from players. As an apology, they sent later Rescue Team 5 to those players for free. Maybe that's how mistake was done. But I have no demands and don't ask for some game. It's ok from my side.
  • avatar It's a strange situation. That's likely the risk of trading given away keys. jillyjill2, you still should receive a tier 1 bundle game. Do you have a longer wishlist? zZzaLien appears to have mostly given away game, but we'll find a way to do it.
  • avatar That's alright, it wasn't intentionally I believe.
  • avatar yes. you are correct. i did that mistake and send rescue team 5 to jilyjill2. it is my mistake:(
  • avatar I understand now. Rescue Team 5 is from Alawar Entertainment, the same publisher as Beholder. zZzaLien, you did not intentionally substitute games, but relied on the key that the producers sent you, which you thought was Beholder. Is that accurate?
  • avatar beholder producers send another game but its not beholder , and i made mistake about that and trade this game. i think we cant anything
  • avatar I have no pretension to zZzaLien, if he wants to fix his reputation I'm ok with that and don't ask for any game.
  • Yes I thought too that it's not balanced that's why I didn't want him to buy it. Was going to set it as completed without asking anything back. Would have done if he replied to my message.
  • avatar Beholder hasn't been in a bundle yet, it will be relatively expensive. In addition, the two of you are in different regions, CIS / TR, which may restrict gifting options. jillyjill2, that would be generous of you to find an agreeable substitute game.
  • jillyjill2, thank you for explaining what happened. zZzaLien, if you didn't have Beholder, you should have warned jillyjill2 before the exchange. It is not reasonable to make a substitution after activating the key you received.
  • avatar And btw zZzaLien, when I tried to contact I wanted to suggest you another way so you wouldn't have to buy anything.
  • Hello. I went first, he activated Lone Wolf. In exchange, he sent me Rescue Team 5 which I don't need. It was his suggestion to buy Beholder on weekend sale. I waited, contacted him twice on steam 1 week after but he ignored my messages.I set it as failed
  • avatar zZzaLien, what was you key if it was not Beholder? Also, did you activate Lone Wolf from jillyjill2?
  • avatar my key is not beholder, i try to buy another beholder but jilyjily2 already disputed this trade
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. jillyjill2 claimed to have sent Lone Wold and not received Beholder in exchange (edited order). Is this accurate?
jillyjill2 will send 1 of these tradables

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