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X ebbigloo failed offer with umbreon8888
  • X umbreon8888 failed offer with ebbigloo
  • > ebbigloo accepted offer from umbreon8888
  • < umbreon8888 proposed offer to ebbigloo
  • 🕗 ebbigloo set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 umbreon8888 set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Please remove the failed status from this trade ASAP. Thanks!
  • Ebbigloo's replacement key worked, so everything's resolved.
  • I sent you a friend request on steam.
  • avatar I have the second key, hopefully this one works, whenever you are ready umbreon.
  • avatar I recommended that ebbigloo trade for another key. However, re-trading does carry risks as seen here. If the third attempt does not work, I will contact umbreon8888 to complete this trade on umbreon8888's behalf.
  • avatar Can we finish this on steam please? I think I might have another key for you.
  • avatar I fail to see how finishing the trade in accordance with our agreement is wrong. What is it you think I owe you?
  • avatar I think this has nothing to do with it being challenging or not. I think this has to do with doing what is right and you seem to be against that.
  • Challenging? I am honest and always willing to find a solution. People are behind these accounts not robots, mistakes can be made within reason, i've tried but you honestly seem to be the more challenging one at this point.
  • avatar I offered multiple alternatives, all of which were soundly rejected before ebiggloo continued insulting me. But I'm ready to be done dealing with this mess. People should just be aware ebbigloo can be challenging to deal with.
  • avatar Frozen synapse has over 100+ keys in the barter wild. I tried to explain that to umbreon, he knows that his keys work and that I did not redeem them. Now, he just seems to want to see me fail.
  • I find it hard to believe that a trader with 400+ would give me a bum key, I tried to explain to umbreon that I tried to make things right, i can't keep looking for keys and hoping they work for him.
  • avatar I guess I should also add I told him twice before unfriending him that I was moving this back to mediation, and he continued ranting at me. Not cool.
  • Yes, I did. I'm sick of having abuse thrown my way in PM where ebiggloo has no accountability for his actions. He's calling me unreasonable for asking for the fulfillment of a trade. Last time I checked, that's how this site works.
  • avatar Umbreon unfriended once again, just proving how he/she can't seem to remain cooperative.
  • I can't tell if the key I get works because its coming from another trader, I messaged the other trader.
  • I got a key from another trader, that doesn't seem to work, obviously i cannot confirm if it works, i think umbreon8888 is being unreasonably difficult.
  • avatar As before I have screenshots of our conversation.
  • Hey, second key didn't work. Ebiggloo is making every excuse in the book. Please keep this failed.
  • Sorry it's taken me a bit to get back to you - been on the road for work. I accepted your friend request, and will send a message confirming you're ready to send and receive.
  • avatar I got your key
  • So just save me those keys, I didn't take a copy of them, I put Frozen Synapse on the wishlist, I might get some offers coming in. Just hold on and we will get this trade done. Just give it alittle more time.
  • Cool, I will try to get a Frozen Synapse key for you.
  • avatar It would, yes.
  • avatar umbreon8888, if you received a working key of Frozen Synapse, would that settle this dispute?
  • avatar Would you believe I didn't want to have this argument then? I still don't want to have it now. We've both said our piece, let's let barter mediate.
  • avatar You said you would get back to me and you never did. We spoke and I was of the understanding that we could work this out and then I open my barter to see you unfriended and filed a dispute.
  • avatar Would you believe I didn't want to have this argument then? I still don't want to have it now. We've both said our piece, let's let barter mediate.
  • avatar How could you accuse me of being uncommunicative when you are the one to unfriend me on steam without saying anything at all?
  • It was an accident, I opened up my humble page and saw that the key was already redeemed. I don't remember redeeming the key. I personally never send my keys to anyone unless mentioning otherwise. That is pretty much the norm for me.
  • avatar As I said when I filed the dispute with you, you have a great record. One negative feedback does not destroy that hard work, it just reflects that you weren't as communicative as you could have been.
  • Turning around and blaming my lack of communication is a bit hypocritical. Why would I accept a substitute when you have nothing else I want and I can't trust your keys to work (meaning I can't trade them)
  • Other traders I've dealt with have been communicative, telling me IN ADVANCE if they weren't sure keys had issues.
  • My point was that you shouldn't have expected me to know you had concerns beforehand. How could I have? It's not my responsibility to ensure you have working keys, especially when you agreed to a trade with plenty of time to decide.
  • avatar I can see how this can be resolved in the future, I will have to send a message to traders in, making sure that they know not to send keys right away, this especially when one is unsure about a key. This is the only way I can see this get better.
  • I am an honest trader, always have and always will be. I gave umbreon the option to choose something else. I told him his keys have not been redeemed and again he sent them right away without even saying hello or making sure I was ready.
  • I only pressed the agreed to cancel button because I saw that you put it in dispute. My agree to cancel doesn't really change anything at this point. I don't know what point you are trying to make.
  • avatar This is, and I can provide a screenshot of our conversation if necessary. ebbigloo only 'agreed to cancel' once he had my keys and the one he sent me didn't work. This was not something he did in advance, as his statement might suggest.
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. umbreon8888, you sent three key to ebbigloo, and then ebbigloo sent a key, however, that Frozen Synapse key had already been used. Is this accurate?
  • avatar I am not responsible for the fact that you sent your keys without asking me if I was ready to trade. I was going to ask you to go first with my key because I wasn't sure if it was already redeemed or not. Its not my fault you sent your keys first.
  • avatar Sorry to mark as failed, but I can't get my keys back and accepting a substitute which for all I know could be equally problematic is not fair. You've got plenty of good feedback, one bad one is not going to damage your trading. I won't be pursuing this any further.
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