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XDarkOr claimed Mediator action

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X -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- failed offer with XDarkOr
  • X XDarkOr failed offer with -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑-
  • > -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- accepted offer from XDarkOr
  • < XDarkOr proposed offer to -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑-
  • 🕗 -๑۩๑-rachidnemar-๑۩๑- set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 XDarkOr set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar and you did not answer my last question: you write: "we both have duplicate keys!" "damn it" it means that you had to remove the remains in your hands?
  • How could you give me the second key, if it's been activated for half a year? can you gave yours?)
  • avatar for me I received 2 keys as gifts of "butsfire" the 1st it is active on my account and the 2nd I gave it to you, and I do not know if you bought your games or not ?! sorry, now I'm at work for a week,
  • omg! stop saying anything ! we both have games already used, the case is closed! What do you want a refund to your game that I did not activate or what ?
  • avatar 3. I did not tell you that I have 9 keys. And he did not say that he was probably wrong. I said that I'm reporting to someone and that I gave and the reuse option is 100% excluded since I delete all the keys. What can not you tell)
  • But this time you screwed up.
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  • 2. I do not suspect you of lying, I know that you are lying. I'll tell you how things were: you saw from me a message that the crane is activated by others. And you understood that you will need to send at least another game of the same quality.
  • Lies go on) 1. I threw you the key right after you took me as a friend and was online. Otherwise, how would I throw the key to you if you did not accept me as a friend?
  • avatar also he told me he has 9 keys to this game and all his good! maybe he gave me the wrong key!
  • he suspected me of lying and that I activate his key on another account! why will I do that?
  • Hello ! yes he sent me his key and I was not there, I was away I do not know how much of the time put his key, I sent him mine, he found already used, I tried his key and it is also used
  • avatar Yes. His key has been used since as early as March. My was in perfect order.
  • avatar XDarkOr, you contacted Steam support about both of the keys and Eris provided you with the activation times of both keys? The key point being that the Ziggurat key was activated after this offer was accepted whereas Burstfire was activated months ago.
  • Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. Thank you both for providing screenshots. XDarkOr, you sent the key for Ziggurat. rachidnemar, you sent the key for Burstfire. However, both keys had already been used. Is this accurate?
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  • my key GWKMTK6QNLCTX7N on 2017-11-19 at 09:42 PST was activated through 4 minutes after being published in the chat. its key D9FLLENAWZGVWPA on 2017-03-29 at 00:44 PST was activated half a year ago.
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  • you write: "we both have duplicate keys!" "damn it" it means that you acknowledge that the keys that you had to remove remains in your hands?) And here I delete them and this key was normal) or who have not complained about the Ziggurat only you first)
  • Why are you not first checked my key before you send my? Maybe because he was working at the time when I wrote to you, and then became dramatically active?)
  • avatar ok
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