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Offer Failed ( about disputes )

LeaNy claimed I sent item, but did not receive everything we agreed to exchange

🅵🅹🅰🅲🅺🆂🅾🅽 claimed what was offered or what I received was not as described

X 🅵🅹🅰🅲🅺🆂🅾🅽 failed (not as described) offer with LeaNy
  • X LeaNy failed (insufficient) offer with 🅵🅹🅰🅲🅺🆂🅾🅽
  • > 🅵🅹🅰🅲🅺🆂🅾🅽 accepted offer from LeaNy
  • < LeaNy proposed offer to 🅵🅹🅰🅲🅺🆂🅾🅽
  • LeaNy edited offer
  • < LeaNy proposed offer to 🅵🅹🅰🅲🅺🆂🅾🅽
  • 🕗 🅵🅹🅰🅲🅺🆂🅾🅽 set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 LeaNy set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar And about the neg steamtrades rep.. Yes it's the same problemm ... The other guy send me a BETA key, but go see the profile from the other person.. It's the same negative rep.. I have 57% but only 60% delete the bad rep
  • NO I'TS not TRUE, and I have a proof you tell SHe... about Dev NEVER delete the key.. I have Keymailer account and 3 minimum games deleted from my account after I don't make the promess videos.. Don't tell BAD THINGS abouth that
  • I'm sorry, I can't explain myself as well in English as this person. But anyway there is not much to explain. He sends me 1 AlPHA/BETA key + I good key. It's not exactly what I expected. So I sent him 1 key
  • avatar because the developer gives the curator a game for verification, and not so that he made a 100% review, it was breaking the Steam rule.
  • And I want to say that the developers give the keys to the curator so that he looks at the game, and whether to give him a review or not, he decides for himself, and the developer never deactivates the key in this case
  • and then does not want to send anything, although he still has the game, like last time 2 months ago he accepted the game and did not give the key in return
  • A person cannot put in his profile that he is paranoid and does not accept "Beta" keys, which are a complete game, but for some reason he accepts offers from people
  • avatar It's really a big 0 this person, you are nothing at all MEC. BY I don't talk to you at all, it's useless to talk to the walls
  • If you don't add the right definitions (Tradding Taggs), it's not my problem. I'm not interested in BETA. Otherwise what is the use of these TAGS?
  • avatar and he still has it, very funny))
  • I see from his negative feedback on steamtrades that the same thing happened to me and he said that after 2 weeks after giving Beta-testing the key he disappears, but now I see that he has a Secret Neighbor game for which he has played 10 hours and he sti
  • I sent 2 games from his wishlist, he received them, and gave me a choice of two keys which I would choose, although in the offer I noted that I take 2 copies, and after I clicked Failed, he started to be a good guy))
  • avatar Add me on Steam ( barter,vg help) if you want the screenshots that prove it, as well as the whole discussion. THANKS
  • I do not know if it is now done, but it was not the case
  • Please delete this from my profile, because I'm not in trouble at all. All he had to do was add the right Tradding Tag on Barter,vg (Alpha/Beta tag) I have the screenshot that proves that it was not added at all,
  • This person sent me 1 Alpha/Beta key And it was not planned in the exchange at all. And now he says he is in the wrong'? Is it a BLAGUE or what?
  • avatar When I sent you the offer, you did not have a note in your profile that you do not accept "BETA", but in fact these are not beta keys, but developer keys (Dev) and they are activated as a full game and do not disappear anywhere later.
  • avatar I have all screenshots, you NEVER tell maybe it's a beta key, BETA it's not the full game, for this you can add this tradding tags in BARTER.. And you don't add this Tagg in your game
  • I dont take BETA key vs FULL games SORRY
  • NO you send BETA KEY
  • avatar Hello! All my games in Tradables are keys, prices set in TF2 Keys and Steam Gems, you can add me and ask your question!
    When buying multiple games at the same time, I can make a discount! Overview
LeaNy will send 2 of these tradables

in exchange for

🅵🅹🅰🅲🅺🆂🅾🅽 will send 1 of these tradables

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