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!<  proposed+ silly4 days 2 days ago
!<  proposedshadowcbt46 hours 5 days ago
pendingMilouze6 days 8 hours ago
accepted+ SweetDalilah **💜**5 days 29 hours ago
I had the other 2 from your offer so here's a counter. These are all the games I want from you, the rest I have just haven't activated. We can talk about a possibility of a gem trade for some of these as well if you want.
pending+ Royalgamer065 days 30 hours ago
pendingByLeoN3 days 3 days ago
pending+ joseherrera7442 hours 5 days ago
pending jet katanas42 hours 5 days ago
pendingNullyn42 hours 5 days ago
have to wait for another trade - if tropico ist still there i will accept!
pending+ -̶̯͡»̶̥Ş.P.Ŷ.R.Ŏ42 hours 5 days ago
pending+ rikker_34 hours 5 days ago
pending+ MuddyMaestro34 hours 5 days ago
pendingVooDoo33 hours 5 days ago
pending+ d3ToX33 hours 5 days ago
pendingnd32 hours 5 days ago
pending+ The [K]!LLer Dz12 hours 6 days ago
pending+ Pika! Pika!11 hours 6 days ago
pending Annenouk57 minutes 6 days ago
declined+ SPHurme2 minutes ago
declinedSeedyE42 minutes ago
Sorry, I'm not online much at the moment - not sure I'd play Nakedman so I'll have to decline :)
declinedprimoedu2 hours ago
declinedNeedRed4 hours ago
expired+ //Jammin_champoin\\5 hours ago
completedChrono X8 hours ago
declined+ DARKKi9 hours ago
I already have BREACH IT, but i am still intersted in SotV:A, if you want do do another offer. These offers were not much worth it to me since you offer me recent IG bundles for rare/unbundled games though.
completedChristophe13 hours ago
declineddragonfly5915 hours ago
declinedAttckcat19 hours ago
expired+ BeerforBeer h1z1swap.com24 hours ago
declinedAkylen24 hours ago
expired w0w0w024 hours ago
declinedba225 hours ago
declinedOsztihun26 hours ago
declinedOsztihun26 hours ago
declined+ Gzu29 hours ago
completedGDMFSOB8131 hours ago
declinedfalconfx8932 hours ago
I have no keys/gems, sorry. What about something from Humble Jumbo Bundle 10 tier 1?
declined+ H8Monster033 hours ago
declined+ Duckster34 hours ago
declinedpphhiiLL35 hours ago
completedidisyesterday37 hours ago
declined+ Jon Irenicus43 hours ago
declined+ Cjcomplex44 hours ago
declinedHyperduel45 hours ago
completedputridterror2 days ago
declined+ zbijacz2 days ago
declined+ Shamiah2 days ago
declined+ edusword2 days ago
Sorry, but I think are much more demanded. I can't accept the offer...
declinedEVA2 days ago
declinedEl Carlanco2 days ago
Thanks, not interested in those games, and i checked your list but don't found anything for counter offer. =)
declined+ Sm0ke Ape2 days ago
expired+ ✪trololo3 days ago
expiredbluefoxxx3 days ago
completed+ Reecebullet3 days ago
declinedMister Axiom3 days ago
Thank you for your offer! But Deep Ones is currently not so high on my "must-have"-list.
completedZomby3 days ago
I left the key in the chat
completedThreeSon3 days ago
Paper Sorcerer not worth it to me, sorry.
declinedneedenergy4 days ago
declinedReyalpeno4 days ago
declinedRyuga4 days ago
declined[CPC] Graouu4 days ago
declinedLPDawid4 days ago
declined+ shockedfrog4 days ago
declined+ BlackThug4 days ago
declinedIvanTheMildlyPleasant4 days ago
declinedlukysoft4 days ago
Please are you sure it's really "Guns of Icarus Online Alliance" DLC? I actually got "Guns of Icarus Online" or "Guns of Icarus Alliance" games (these were given away or in bundle) in similar trade.
declined+ sexy shortcake-sama4 days ago
Sorry, I don't have TIMEframe anymore
declinedHaha4 days ago
declined+ julla04 days ago
declinedLichtheld4 days ago
declined Tonballsy4 days ago
completedAbaction4 days ago
declinedBraveDave4 days ago
declined+ MasterJunior4 days ago
declinedKelvin4 days ago
declinedCharles4 days ago
declined+ Eternull4 days ago
declinedizd4 days ago
declinedm00nb0y5 days ago
declinedCae5 days ago
declined+ ± Roger5 days ago
declined+ ʎdəəɥs ʎɟɟnןɟ5 days ago
declinedtzz5 days ago
declined+ theemu5 days ago
declinedmientus835 days ago
completedDimonD5 days ago
completed+ j0r1k5 days ago
declined+ nsxhitman85 days ago
completed+ Flashbac855 days ago
declined+ Rabiator5 days ago
expired+ xoxmodav5 days ago
declined+ 🍒 Lilly (🌸◠‿◠)5 days ago
declinedGaijin5 days ago
i need only full games no DLC
declinedtoysintheattic5 days ago
Thanks for the offer, but I don't see anything on your list that i'm interested in at this time.
declinedGelweo5 days ago
declinedCUE5 days ago
declinedJonny 2X45 days ago
expired+ Hs1n5 days ago
declined+ LaMainNoire5 days ago
declinedDoLLo5 days ago
declinedVamp5 days ago
expired+ A1ice[useless]5 days ago
declined+ Enma5 days ago
declinedSkarxing5 days ago
declined+ Syn ®5 days ago
declinedDai5 days ago
declined+ #ca_schaefer5 days ago
declinedEdX805 days ago
declinedMOONW5 days ago
completedFredyJackson5 days ago
completedheadpiece7475 days ago
declinedcyau4u5 days ago
declined+ `aa´ [Takamsak]5 days ago
declined+ silly5 days ago
declinedHyrule-enciclo5 days ago
declinedpol | xygaming.com5 days ago
declined+ ☆odminstar 📱✔☆5 days ago
declined HellsDelight5 days ago
declinedQuantum5 days ago
Hey, sorry, no time to check big offers like this right now ;(
declinedFireHouse6 days ago
declined+ Freilyreydia6 days ago
expired+ MuddyMaestro6 days ago
declinedbfRheostat |引きこもり中6 days ago
completed+ Flashbac856 days ago
completedAlizarine6 days ago
declinedEl Syd6 days ago
declined+ cathedrals6 days ago
declined Karien6 days ago
How many cards or how much in value?
completed Aryend6 days ago
declined+ Jami6 days ago
ja IndieGale kupuje podczas HH
declined+ Heiluri6 days ago
declined+ gt46 days ago
declined+ Viper12xX et sa 4G box6 days ago
completed+ LRiPPER6 days ago
declinedGame Maniac6 days ago
completed+ TouhouFun6 days ago
declined+ FlyLeaf6 days ago
completedSelkirk6 days ago
declinedMochigi6 days ago
Thanks for the offer, but I have to decline^^
declinedTau226 days ago
declined+ -Feizas 🔥6 days ago
declined+ da_norf6 days ago
declined+ Sandman6 days ago
declinedl3t4l6 days ago
completed+ -=LOGO$=-6 days ago
declinednill1806 days ago
declined Darkhosis6 days ago
declined+ Greys > Reptilians6 days ago
completed+ Parallel Platypus7 days ago
declinedmaudibawakemana7 days ago
declined Pandabear417 days ago
completedkugarus7 days ago
declinedCold Deck? ...7 days ago
declinedpol | xygaming.com7 days ago
declined+ drake317 days ago
declined+ T-DAWG7 days ago
declinedBruno Silva7 days ago
declined+ Dalba7 days ago
completedCheech7 days ago
declinedChewbaccaZ7 days ago
declinedWackyJ7 days ago
declinedMadnesis7 days ago
declinedSweetDalilah **💜**7 days ago
Or maybe a gem trade. But you need to lmk how many gems for maybe 5-10 low value bundle games (I checked your list and you may have some others I am interested in) or each game seperately?
declinedstef7 days ago
declined+ Spider27457 days ago
declined+ schiller30207 days ago
expireddotHacker7 days ago
sorry for delay, i bought the chinese CCYT bundle, how about this remaining match?
declinedVic Meng7 days ago
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