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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

jb2097 claimed I agreed to cancel

Omsehnji claimed I requested to cancel

avatar LRiPPER volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Mediator LRiPPER edited the failed reasons of offer
  • LRiPPER volunteered to mediate offer
  • X jb2097 failed (sent item, received nothing) offer with ebbigloo
  • X ebbigloo failed (requested to cancel) offer with jb2097
  • > ebbigloo accepted offer from jb2097
  • < jb2097 proposed offer to ebbigloo
  • 🕗 Omsehnji set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 jb2097 set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar ok. i'll mark it as resolved.
  • avatar I asked earlier for the dispute to be marked as resolved. My key was still usable, and I have not commented on this users steamtrades profile regarding this transaction. I will not trade with them again, so the matter is resolved for me.
  • avatar Hello. how can I help you to resolve this dispute?
  • avatar user has blocked me no way to contact him. very childish in my opinion. i don't believe this is a reasonable way to handle a situation like this especially after it has already been resolved.
  • user said that they would cancel the dispute. because their key has already been traded elsewhere no problems. still has not done so. but seems like user is trying to relish this overblown ordeal.
  • i think the problem here was that the communication was off. failure to communicate means more ruckus for no reason. i was hoping to keep 2dark simply because i already had ultimate doom. so i tried. if i knew you felt this way i would have given 2dark.
  • i made a mistake i am willing to admit. but we could have simply settled this in a more appropriate fashion. this whole ordeal has been drawn out beyond reason.
  • you said you had to think about it or something. so i said ok. next thing i know i have a dispute. like do you honestly believe i would want to go through all this for some insignificant trade? this is far past the point of absurd.
  • alright fair enough, this is an extremely rare occasion for me. i figured we could resolve it another way. but just to be clear i would have given you 2dark if you were gonna make such a big deal out of this. you never said anything about a dispute.
  • user said will now cancel dispute as key has been traded to another user. im glad this could be resolved.
  • avatar I have traded the key in question, and it was not used. I will withdraw this dispute, although personally I still don't like their attitude and will not trade with them in the future.
  • (free from indiegala - not fanatical. Only wanted it on steam for the convenience of updating it etc over the download I already have)
  • Keep 2dark - I already have it. From when it was FREE from Fanatical. I only said it because you have nothing else.
  • You won't take responsibility for your error, and expect me to do it instead. If you're not trustworthy, and I trade my key to someone else, and they say its a duplicate, I then end up having two people now to view with suspicion. Who used it? them? you?
  • I have made "honest mistakes". It happens. The difference is that I corrected my mistakes, and without being forced to by having a dispute opened. It's the fact that I offer a fair resolution and you called it inequitable that angers me.
  • avatar i was an honest mistake. i tried to convey this to user and he/she said that they would think about it. i then came back online to view this dispute. if i knew this i would have just accepted the counter offer.
  • avatar Seems like a user with a higher rating trying to exploit that, and get away with either being a scammer, or inept, or irresponsible. Whatever the reason I'm not letting this lie.
  • For the sake of 24p they refuse to make good on a trade where the mistake was theirs, and they expect me to trust them that my key won't be used. Which I might have done but they already have a dispute for doing this before.
  • I provided my key. They said their link was already used and requested to cancel. I offered an alternative game they could give me, and they refused it as inequitable. warlock is 86p pn g2a, my alternative '2dark' is £1.10.
  • Great :) I have accepted your invite and will message you with the key on steam. Cheers!
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