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player avatar Myklebuster

X Dispute (sent item, received nothing) 4 years ago


avatar Myklebuster
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Offer Failed Dispute unresolved, games or items lost ( about disputes )

Myklebuster claimed I requested to cancel

EGOIST claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

avatar ellipsism volunteered to mediate this dispute.

Mediator edited the failed reasons of offer
  • Mediator edited the failed reasons of offer
  • X Myklebuster failed (abandoned) offer with 🅴🅶🅾🅸🆂🆃
  • volunteered to mediate offer
  • X 🅴🅶🅾🅸🆂🆃 failed (sent item, received nothing) offer with Myklebuster
  • > 🅴🅶🅾🅸🆂🆃 accepted offer from Myklebuster
  • < Myklebuster proposed offer to 🅴🅶🅾🅸🆂🆃
  • 🕗 EGOIST set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 Myklebuster set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar Holy shoot, I totally missed these. Mr/Mrs Mediator, I am fine to not receive the game if that is what you judge is the appropriate response.
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Game: Link detected
  • avatar An email when offers are received, accepted or rejected? Anything really. It's tough to manage this site without that. I personally have not seen the key.
  • avatar Also, what type of notifications would have helped to avoid this?
  • Myklebuster, did you receive the Niche key from 🅴🅶🅾🅸🆂🆃?
  • avatar I wrote here after I was at my PC to respond. This site does not have notifications and the steam app doesn't work with my phone. You seem to interpret actions as being malicious when they are not.
  • I would have happily accepted the trade had you not threatened me. If our mediator feels that we should proceed with the trade, I will oblige. However your actions were not those of someone acting in good faith.
  • avatar I'm not going to take off your complaint so that all people see which one of you is a bad trader,you can just ignore other people and mislead them,let everyone know it!
  • why couldn't you write that you changed your mind and want to cancel the deal?why did you write here right after I filed a complaint against you?
  • Is it serious?and you talk about it so easily?because of you, I canceled many trades with other good traders who offered me many good games instead of my one
  • avatar I would like to cancel the trade, I have no interest in working with this trader and their threats.
  • Second, I would like to complain or dispute this traders poor form in not even checking if I was available before sending a key and then getting anxious and opening a dispute. Sounds like our friend here made a mistake and is looking to run to mommy.
  • First, I am on a shared PC so EGOIST's concerns of being ignored are unfounded. I have been busy and have no received his messages and certainly haven't done anything with said key.
  • Hey, just checking in now. Thank you Mr/Ms. Mediator for your measured response. I'd like to explain my side so we can have the full information.
  • avatar I have already thrown off his key,he could activate it on another account,or give it to another person,let him send me my keys that have to trade,why he ignores me
  • avatar Niche does not appear in Myklebuster's library. Perhaps the key remains unused. Would you like to setup a trade in order to test if the Niche key was used?
  • avatar yes,he just keeps quiet and ignores me.
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. 🅴🅶🅾🅸🆂🆃, you sent a Niche Steam key to Myklebuster and received no keys or response since?
  • avatar I sent him the key,and he's been ignoring me for days.
  • Add me steam for trade
Myklebuster will send 6 of these tradables

in exchange for

EGOIST will send 1 of these tradables

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