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avatar B4Thunderst0rm
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Offer Failed Dispute about games or items lost ( about disputes )

B4Thunderst0rm claimed I requested to cancel

Wonderweisse claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

avatar ellipsism volunteered to mediate this dispute. volunteered to mediate offer
  • X B4Thunderst0rm failed (requested to cancel) offer with Wonderweisse
  • X Wonderweisse failed (sent item, received nothing) offer with B4Thunderst0rm
  • > Wonderweisse accepted offer from B4Thunderst0rm
  • < B4Thunderst0rm proposed offer to Wonderweisse
  • 🕗 Wonderweisse set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 B4Thunderst0rm set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar not, im still wait game from u man, so will be waiting...
  • avatar so, did you trade poly again or not?
  • i dont want you to do taht, he can trade his key elsewhere,
  • avatar It does not seem that this trade will be completed. Therefore, the next best option would be to cancel it by replacing the revealed Poly Bridge key with an unrevealed Poly Bridge key. Would that work?
  • avatar Barter, that screen can see only two of us, he thinks that that screen can see anyone but he cant prove it...
  • dont should? did u see any dispute on Barter in my way? No I dont remove dispute while u dont send me that game. You accept offer, so please, finish it...
  • avatar this guy also has multiple negative reviews on steamtrades, so I dont think you should really do that
  • yea, but still if you wanted to keep it, you lose it, i can live with dispute if this guy doesn't want to remove it, you dont have to do that for me. Why cant he just trade it to someone else, and then when he does, if key really still works, dispute can be settled
  • avatar I would activate the revealed Poly Bridge and in return send an unrevealed key to replace it. Assuming the first Poly Bridge key works still, no keys will be lost.
  • avatar I dont have anything against it obviously, but, I dont want you to potentially lose your game over this
  • avatar What if I exchange the revealed Poly Bridge key for a different one that hasn't been revealed to the public, and then cancel or fail this offer as abandoned?
  • avatar Comment Hidden to Avoid Losing Game: Link detected
  • why dont you just try to trade a key to someone else then, and if it works, remove the dispute, it's simple...
  • not gonna send you anything, this kind of behaviour should be bannable
  • avatar I said u again, give me screen that 3rd person can see that screen. Dispute will be open till u send me key for xblaze. U can call me as u wish, but thats no matter for me, lol.
  • avatar That I'm not going to do, you can cry all you want, your game if you say no one can access that website, is then still unused, so trade it elsewhere and leave me alone, child
  • Get over yourself, you want to say that I wanted to scam you over Poly Bridge key!? Really? I won't take key that was uploaded on public site, you uploaded it there, your fault, your responsibility, you just want to force me to trade you the game
  • avatar i made screenshot and what? Im said u again Give me screenshot when everyone can see my screen with that key lol u cant
  • avatar because I told you I'm not gonna give it to you by force, you uploaded key on the public site and you wanted to force me to give it to you by opening dispute and not even wanting to clear the issue. I didnt force you to send me key, which should be fine, nor I forced you to upload it on the public site, so instead of acknowledging that you made a mistake, you tried forcing me into a trade where I can get a key that might not work. No thank you
  • avatar Only Xblaze Im interested in cuz of in my wishlist why he trade Xblaze for someone if dispute already not finish So Im wanna only Xblaze
  • avatar Wonderweisse, is there another game that you would accept instead?
  • avatar yea, didnt update the list, there are few games that i have to remove
  • avatar XBlaze is listed as tradable still
  • avatar if it wasnt, I would, but not anymore, since I dont have xblaze lost memories anymore
  • avatar Would you complete this trade if the Poly Bridge key was not posted on a public site?
  • avatar I did not touch the key at all, so if no one else used the key, key should still work
  • avatar Have either of you checked to see if the key still works?
  • avatar yes, that's accurate, then he decided to do a dispute
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. I looked at the screenshots. Wonderweisse sent Poly Bridge key by text and screenshot. B4Thunderst0rm objected to this because the screenshot posted on a public site and requested to cancel. Is this accurate?
  • avatar What r u talkin about... I sent item, recieve nothing... And again u cant prove that image in publick... Child? Crying only u kid Im wait ur code, kid
  • avatar You made a mistake of not sending gift link, you made a mistake of uploading it on public site, and now you want me to submit to that, no thank you. Next time, be more careful and not act like a child about it.
  • if it doesnt, they why do you even care, key is then unused and you lost nothing.
  • avatar i say u again, give me proof that 3rd person can see my image if u cant, so activate my and give me ur key
  • avatar because it's irrelevant information, unlike key
  • avatar why u send screenshots via Lightshot if u said that its can see anyone... lol
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