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Updated X steenbreker failed offer with AngryCow ( Countered Offer )
  • X AngryCow failed offer with steenbreker
  • > AngryCow accepted offer from steenbreker
  • < steenbreker proposed offer to AngryCow
  • 🕗 AngryCow set accepted offer to expire
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Offer Failed About Disputes Dispute resolved

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

steenbreker claimed ...

AngryCow claimed ...

  • avatar I said the truth, not more. Whatever you further decide for SteamTrades ... let me know or show me.
  • avatar the issue was resolved promptly with the help of Appreciate your help.
  • avatar I completed two separate trades with steenbreker and AngryCow in order to resolve this dispute.
  • avatar AngryCow, could you message me directly?
  • avatar its a dispute because u gave nothing for the keys you got
  • avatar the price of the game doesnt matter. you decided to keep it and call it a day without honoring your part
  • avatar ... and I have much more higher trades solved, so I do not need to take a disput for worth $0.20 ... looks little stupid, or?
  • avatar ... but you still think to be perfect.
  • avatar It was DUP!! You are not perfect, my friend, that is fact. Seconds ago I thought to give you Nihilumbra and see it as 1:1 ...
  • avatar i offered you to take anything you want but you refused just to send no keys. look at your steam rep its full of similar complaints
  • avatar i am happy too. you tried to activate both games and provided no keys. when "supposedly" one of the keys failed (though the key was fine)
  • avatar I'll be the mediator for this dispute. I've spoken with steenbreker and added AngryCow.
  • avatar The second game "Cast of the Seven Godsends - Redux" was definitely missing (Duplicate). That's why I did not give the keycode to "Nihilumbra".
  • avatar I have asked "barter" to take the matter ... I am very glad that he takes the time. I have no reason to steal a lowtier game-key.
  • avatar you activated the game, conflicting in your chst, and gave me nothing
  • avatar yeah exaactly works like a boomerang in that someone will treat you in a way you treat honest people. enjoy your free game
  • avatar A $0.20 Game? lol ... learn better handle your keyscodes. This decision works like a boomerang, believe me! And now: All the best to you ... bye (and ignored)
  • avatar haha stole a key makes you a thief.
  • avatar One Duplicate = No key! You're a hypocrite ( chat: )
  • avatar disputed because you didn't send the key.
  • avatar WHAT?? Send me Duplicate of "Cast of the Seven Godsends - Redux" and now duspute?
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