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Offer Failed Dispute resolved ( about disputes )

steenbreker claimed other party abandoned offer

Jotunheim claimed I agreed to cancel

avatar volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X Jotunheim failed offer with steenbreker
  • X steenbreker failed offer with Jotunheim
  • > Jotunheim accepted offer from steenbreker
  • < steenbreker proposed offer to Jotunheim
  • 🕗 Jotunheim set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 steenbreker set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar "It's not possible for me to determine if the key had already been use ...", really?! You could ever determine it? He said he got the key from other trade, wanted my keys first, his "sorry" and later called me a Scammer. And now he got his 0 back. This is fair? Unbelievable.
  • avatar Based on the screenshot, I'm assuming that the key had already been used prior to steenbreker receiving it. Therefore, I've changed the status to abandoned / agreed to cancel.
  • I discussed this with Jotunheim. It's not possible for me to determine if the key had already been use prior to Jotunheim sending it to steenbreker. In either case, the more accurate status would have been abandoned / sent item, received nothing.
  • avatar ... and I am almost certain that this will be confirmed.
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  • If people here have the opportunity to trickle (the attempt to grab 2 codes, followed by "sorry", "u lost nothing"), then screenshots and words/comments here are unnecessary.
  • How dishonest he is now he showed 2 times. A unsave Keycode and his answer to this dispute - he got nothing in return for his DUP! If he got his "0" back, I will not comment on anything in the future.
  • I did not reject a new keycode at any time. I just wanted to see how serious he meant it. But be thought, I would have used a second account, was enough for me. And presently I have the Definitive Edition from elsewhere. For what? To have it 2 times???
  • He got his red "1" to think about his stupid move with his unsave Keycode - and because at first he wanted to elicit me both codes. He knew what could happen. All his words were deliberate. So I was very quick with my assessment.
  • He thought "if I, then you too." You want still chat with him?? oh, yes - give him his "0" back with words like "Dear Jotunheim. Do this not again please. Do not trade with unsafe codes, ok?" ... Great, man!!
  • Therefore his words "really?", "i'm sorry.." ... best of "can u give me one day to get another key?", "man u heavent lost nothing" and here he leaves "I received a key already used" - he is a fk lier, later he nsulted and laughed at me.
  • Oh, yes! "Inactive 3 months ago." ... Make him, according to obvious facts, to the angel! He tried to trick me at the beginning, because he really did not trust that the keycode was in ok.
  • avatar steenbreker, thank you for posting the chat logs. That does save time. I believe you, but I would like to talk with Jotunheim before resolving this dispute.
  • avatar .... I'm just glad I did not give him the keycode first.
  • Dishonored was definitely a duplicate!!! He wanted to get me a new key or alternative, because his key was from other trade. He left this dispute "I received a key already used". Never gave him a keycode because his was Dup. Please read the screenshots. I have nothing more to say about.
  • avatar Based on the screenshots posted by steenbreker, Jotunheim sent a Dishonored key and steenbreker claimed it was a duplicate. Jotunheim offered to send another key, but neither side could agree.
  • avatar Read more & correctly. And stand to YOUR words.
  • avatar "u are not in the position to speack with me" ahahahahaha
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  • and I'm sure barter makes the right decision.
  • and now you have left virtually no other option as to draw the next best ripcord.
  • my screenshots say everything. you acted a key already known. Your mistake.
  • We'll see who is left with the red 1
  • feel free to continue personal and insulting.
  • avatar your life is sad!! look at your profile! lot of red trade.. you did the same trick with someone else! I repeat: i u need food let me know!!
  • avatar Have no reason to scamm you. ETS2 & Insurgency was fine for me. Have 143 fine trades too. Why u offered 2nd key?
  • Says nothing, Scammer.
  • Sure, not in your profile. To trade it elsewhere ... lol ... naiv guy.
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  • avatar What you talking about my family? Scammer! Read more - behavior feedbacks.
  • avatar "I never scammed someone" ...and why u have -9 on sg? if u need some food for your poor family let me know and i will help. Bye!
  • have i got those games on my profile?
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  • Why should I block you, if first I had a second key can get. It would be stupid. And look this proposal - could not be better yet.
  • I never scammed someone ... read more the feedbacks
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  • never had a dispute!! if i'll give a bad key i'll give another...never had problems
  • avatar I have to say nothing more. Only one: "Good luck with your keys from other trades." The next dispute will not be far away.
  • Later argue I have redeemed the Key elsewhere, is a desperate cry for help. At first you wanted to get compensation.
  • And on indiegala you can only trade in safe level. There is no comparison to barter or SG. We have seen it here. Duplicate!
  • That I meant with "other evil insinuation". You said later you got the Dishonored key from other trade. You're just stupid.
  • avatar on indiegala i have +94rep and 0 negative feedback!! 0!! and is not so hard activete the key on another account and later say"is duplicated"
  • avatar I will not be insulted by you. I even believe your Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™ also duplicate.
  • Jotunheim, that was just fortunate that I have not lost any! You trading with duplicate keys. Its enough to report it those act.
  • avatar i propose to u a solution! "and other evil insinuation ".. screen it!!
  • avatar ... he wanted to solve the problem ... and now he calls me "crybaby" and other evil insinuation (ignore on barter & blocked on steam now)
  • avatar i propose u another key of the same game and u refuse!! and u havent give to me/lost nothing
  • avatar ... he said he had the key from another Trade.
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  • I rarely send counter offers. So do the best you can, please. Overview
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