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X Dispute (revoked) 10 months ago


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avatarMr. Hands
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Offer Failed Dispute unresolved, games or items lost ( about disputes )

psousa claimed ...

Mr. Hands claimed Key was revoked, game removed from library

🚪 LRiPPER exited from offer mediation
  • LRiPPER volunteered to mediate offer
  • Mr. Hands disputed offer with psousa due to revocation
  • Mr. Hands completed offer with psousa
  • psousa completed offer with Mr. Hands
  • > Mr. Hands accepted offer from psousa
  • < psousa proposed offer to Mr. Hands
  • 🕗 Mr. Hands set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 psousa set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar I'm sorry, but you can't come to an agreement, even in a situation so clear and already explained before. I will keep it unresolved and the dispute mark will stay.
  • avatar No, but you are trying to say I didn't lose anything and that you are the one who 'lost' something, which is not true.
  • avatar Was I the one that filed the complaint? ...
  • avatar That doesn't matter, you agreed to do the trade
  • avatar I was the one that lost a game key to receive a "limited" game copy. Not actually legit
  • lost? He didn't lost anything. Those games are from the devs for curators. He shouldn't be using them for trade. He didn't use keys
  • avatar indeed Mr Hands lost multiple games that could be traded with other people.
  • then, both must come to an agreement, and Mr Hands get something that worth that 80+ curator games. just to be fair. removing the games of your account will not circunvent your mistake of redeeming what you aren't authorizaded for.
  • psousa, , if you redeemed 80+ games from his curator, do you owe him something. The game were properly tagged as curator activation, you joined the group, you activated all the stuff.
  • avatar LRIPPER, can you see anywhere in the chat logs (I posted them on Steamtrades) where I told him to claim 80+ games?
  • avatar Yes, initially I thought he said that, as you can see though the screenshots but afterwards I removed them
  • avatar psousa, did you claimed 80+ games from his curator?
  • avatar I don't care if you kept them or removed them, you still stole them
  • avatar Thank you for mediating but as long he doesn't change is mentality is not worth pursuing it!
  • As you can see I do not have any of them in my library
  • Not only I removed them, but not even armored head is a legit copy
  • Wtf! Of course not
  • avatar fair enough. Lets wait for psousa reply.
  • avatar If psousa compensates me for the games he stole, then I can agree to resolve this.
  • avatar Do any of you have a suggestion to solve this?
  • avatar Either you are ok or not with trading for Curator Connect. It doesn't matter what your opinion is on Curator Connect, taking stuff from other people without permission is stealing.
  • You are being hypocritical when you say we are stealing. You were perfectly ok with trading for a Curator Connect game when it benefited you, but now you are pointing the finger at us after we caught you stealing games.
  • We use a secondary account because it is a shared account between 4 admins. We are open and transparent as to who these admins are and they are clearly visible and not hidden on the Steam group page.
  • Instead you stole 80+ games (why?) and then removed them from your account when you got caught.
  • If you were unhappy that you got a game with 0 trading cards, you could have learned a lesson and decided not to trade for Curator Connect games in the future. You could have even asked to cancel the trade and for me to return your copy of F1 2018.
  • Our trade was not misleading; Barter shows that my game was tagged as 'Curator Connect' and gives 0 trading cards. Please look at the trade carefully or ask questions before proceeding.
  • I gave you the opportunity to ask questions and asked if you were ok with trading Curator Connect games. You went ahead with the trade without asking questions. If you are unsure you should ask questions.
  • Our trade agreement on Barter was for F1 2018 and ARMOURED HEAD. You stole an extra 80+ games without asking. If you were not sure you should ask.
  • "He said that I could claim the games" - I never mentioned the plural word "games" when referring to our trade. I said "Please find the game here (you can use CTRL + F) and press accept".
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  • He is using is status as curator to trade games provided by the devs and that's why he is using a secondary account
  • I also commented on the game he gave was a "limited" version (doesn't drop cards when it should), it was the only reason I was interested in the game in the 1st place
  • He said that I could claim games and I did since he made them all available. Afterwards, I deleted them when I thought on how he probably meant only 1 (even before he mentioned anything)
  • He is using a secondary account to trade games and the game he "gave" me it's not the complete version
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  • psousa stole 80+ games from our Curator page, please see his Steamtrades page for proof. I am happy to provide as much extra information as required.
  • avatar Please feel free to send offers and counter offers! Overview
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