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FromLestrade 尚660; 400; 0 Steam icon 🌐 ROW
To <DropBase>121; 100; 6 Steam icon 🌐 ROW Steam Trades icon S.Trades
Updated X Nao 尚 failed offer with <DropBase>
  • > <DropBase> accepted offer from Nao 尚
  • < Nao 尚 proposed offer to <DropBase>
  • Nao 尚 edited offer
  • < Nao 尚 proposed offer to <DropBase>
< Proposed
> Accepted
X Failed
Offer Failed Dispute about games or items losts

Lestrade 尚 claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

  • avatar So... When are you planning to fix this situation and give me my Anode key? Is this the image you want to give of yourself?
  • avatar You don't seem to be in a hurry to fix this...!!!!
  • avatar you'd rather waste his time than just send me my keys before the delay you set yourself..?
  • avatar I'll be available on Steam at evening maybe, but if this will be disputed then I think we could fix it after all with Admin
  • avatar you're coming by on this website but I'm not seeing you on Steam. just so you know, because I sent the key,you're getting a Dispute tomorrow
  • avatar hello! you have two days left..!
  • avatar any plans to send your key..? I sent you mine a whole ago... :-/
  • avatar So long Barter, and thanks for all the trades! Everyone please switch to its successor, :) And tell your friends about it! 💬 Overview
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<DropBase> tradables

Warning! <DropBase> has 6 failed and disputed offers in which traders allege they lost games. Disputed offers are rare, but to reduce your chances of losing games in this trade, be more careful than useful. View the trade safety post for more information.

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