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Updated OnlyTwin completed offer with TRMshadow ( Countered Offer )
  • X TRMshadow failed offer with OnlyTwin
  • > OnlyTwin accepted offer from TRMshadow
  • < TRMshadow proposed offer to OnlyTwin
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  • 🕗 TRMshadow set proposed offer to expire
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Offer Failed About Disputes Dispute about games or items lost

TRMshadow claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

OnlyTwin claimed ...

  • avatar Tried to discuss and he says I'm asking too much of him (he was fine trading amygdala for 1 game in original offer)
  • avatar Accidentally put amygdala for 2 of mine (instead of 2:2) noticed after I'd already given him my keys.
  • avatar He offered 1:1 from 6 of his games for 3 of mine, Thought we could make more deal, so I thought 2:2 might work
  • avatar Accidentally misunderstood, thought it was a 2:2 trade (which is fair). refuses to be reasonable when I question him about doing intended.
  • avatar 🗩 Overview 350+ rep on SteamTrades. Counter-offer if you don't like my offer, but think we could make a deal.
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