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  • avatar Thank you both for your cooperation
  • avatar The trade is finally completed. Thanks for your time and effort put into mediating this.
  • avatar I've reset the offer so that you both can complete it. I will then mark it as resolved.
  • avatar OMG thank you so much for your good luck wishes, very nice of you indeed
  • Yeah I never miss an opportunity to be rude and pretentious, and say thank you for wasting my time.
  • Yeah I'm the one who said "horrible things about myself" (like "pestering" and "really offended"), not you.
  • Yeah I'm the one pestering over our friendship, even if you started to say "His profile is now set to private and apparently we're no longer friends of Steam." trying to get the upper hand with ridiculous detail.
  • Yeah I'm horribly offended, I should be greatly happy to see a dispute even if I'm supposed to be "honest person and did your best to solve the issue"
  • avatar Thanks for mediating this. I've accepted your friend request.
  • I know you are an honest person and did your best to solve the issue, but I feel that doesn't justify your bad attitude towards me or towards anyone for that matter. Good luck with your future trades.
  • Yeah, you did your best and also never wasted an opportunity to be rude and pretentious. Put yourself for a second in my shoes and read your comments as if they were told by me. How does that make you feel?
  • avatar I've sent a Steam friend request to atombomb2097
  • avatar I did my best, thanks.
  • Both games come from the same dev. A dev would not give a non-working key, freshly requested by a customer.
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  • avatar I will contact other traders that have the key listed as tradable to determine if this is a wide spread issue. If it is, I will add a warning to those tradables.
  • If either of you wish for more information about either key, you can contact Steam support and request the date and time of activation to determine if it was prior to the exchange.
  • Based on the information provided, this appears to be an Indiegala or developer mistake. Hyuntae has gone above and beyond what would be expected in replacing a key. This has happened before. Therefore, I'm setting the dispute to mediator action.
  • avatar The replacement key occured Sept 7, right after I received the email from the dev (through steam chat)
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  • avatar As far as I know all the other keys worked. Both the initial key and the replacement key for 'Sky To Fly: Faster Than Wind' I received, give me duplicate code errors. The dates for the exchange sound about right.
  • avatar Hi, I'm the mediator for this dispute. I've read the comments and reviewed the linked screenshots. Were there any problems with the other games exchanged? Did the initial exchange occurred September 3, and the replacement key on September 7?
  • avatar It's pretty simple, I gave you functional keys and expect the same from you. The trade was with you, not with the people from Indiegala, not with the developer. And all those horrible things about you, you've said them, not me.
  • avatar To the person in charge: I would be more than happy to forward you all the emails. 3 parties (Myself + IndieGala + Dev) have tried to help and solve this issue, yet he still complains and wants more games. Nobody wants to deal with him anymore.
  • I guess he needs something against me to paint me as the bad villain lol. Not sure why it matters so much to be honest. He has my email, he also has the email of the dev.
  • He is the one complaining about the removal from my friends list (yes, he did not respond for weeks, waste of a slot isn't it?) and yet, I'm described as the one who is "really offended" or "pestering" and whatnot lol. Give me a break.
  • I gave this user a working key. The dev himself gave a working key of his own game. This user pretends that both of them don't work. Absolutely ZERO chance, period. The problem is very simple.
  • avatar You also said to Indiegala that you suspect me being dishonest but you can't prove it, so I see you hold me in high regard. Do you think I wasted all this time with you, just to trick you?
  • Also at some point you decided to remove me from your friends list, although the issue hasn't been solved yet. And regarding the chat replies, did you expect me to keep pestering you in order to keep our friendship alive?
  • Wow, you sound really offended. Look, I traded with you not with the developer and that was 4 weeks ago. Do you expect me to wait forever or until the dev comes back to life?
  • avatar Me too, I can just sit there for weeks and pretend that the keys (game with cards btw) aren't working (even a key provided by the dev himself), continuously request some more, blame people and play the victim. Do you see my point?
  • I often remove people from my friends list, especially if they do not respond to my chat for days, and even weeks (he forgot to mention that, indeed wink). I have been completely transparent with him.
  • atombomb is aware of all this, he knows the email of the dev (the dev is AFK, or just simply ignoring me, I don't know). Anyway, my profile is "Friends only' not "Private"
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  • avatar The key for Sky To Fly: Faster Than Wind I received was already used, the trader offered another key which was also used. His profile is now set to private and apparently we're no longer friends of Steam.
  • Personal interest & Game quality, Value (base price/bundle price/historical low/removed), Rarity (H from H:W ratio). No curator/grey market/unknown sources. HIB -> keys only (both ways). Accept TF2/CSGO keys & gems. Counter if possible. Overview
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