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SweetDalilah claimed I sent item, but received nothing in exchange

Apollo Creed claimed other party abandoned offer

X T-DAWG failed offer with SweetDalilah
  • X SweetDalilah failed offer with T-DAWG
  • > T-DAWG accepted offer from SweetDalilah
  • < SweetDalilah proposed offer to T-DAWG
  • 🕗 Apollo Creed set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 SweetDalilah set proposed offer to expire
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  • That's all I wanted to do. But you wanted to cheat me out of a much higher value game for my mistake.
  • It's a shame that we couldn't resolve this.
  • I never lied, I noticed I no longer had the game and offered a fair replacement. We have different definitions of fair, it seems.
  • Because this trader agreed on a trade with me, TOOK AND ACTIVATED MY GAME and then told me that HE ALREADY TRADED HIS GAME WITH ANOTHER TRADER IN THE MEANTIME
  • I just want to warn other traders not to send their games first to you.
  • I am not going to talk to someone who lies, cheats and steals anymore.
  • avatar If you're gonna make a wild offer, make it really wild!
  • Why not just ask for 10 games? Or request that I get GTAV?
  • But that wasn't enough, you wanted to screw me over.
  • It was a mistake on my part, we've already established that. You mentioned Jamsouls which I offered
  • avatar I wouldn't even ask that. Because I know that no sane person would make that trade
  • Imagine if I went first but you no longer had Bullet Life. I then ask for Devil May Cry 3 in exchange. Is that fair?
  • avatar Atm, I was trying to find games I was actually interested in after finding out that you TRADED the only game I actually wanted for this trade and TOOK my KEY!!!
  • avatar I was more than willing to work with you, but you were set on swindling me for my mistake
  • Seriously, who is going to trade Miscreated for Bullet Life?
  • Like I said, I made a mistake. I tried to make another deal but you were proposing offers that no one would do.
  • avatar Next time think of that before TAKING (STEALING) someone's game after TRADING THE AGREED GAME and not TELLING ABOUT IT.
  • Well next time maybe don't activate someone's game when you have already traded yours without mentioning it and without seeing if there is a possibility of another deal both parties will agree on.
  • avatar I'll take the dispute, I'm not going to let you swindle me because I didn't have a game anymore.
  • But this user's definition of "right" is threatening dispute if I didn't give high tier game for replacement.
  • I have over 4000+ games, I never stolen and don't intend to. I made a mistake and tried to make it right.
  • avatar This was your intention from beginning. To agree on a trade then say you traded it, TAKE my game, and offer a low key game instead. We are done here.
  • I wouldn't have agreed to Bullet Life vs Jamsouls. It wasn't fair compared to the game I agreed upon Small Town Terrors.
  • avatar That's called intimidation ;)
  • But you wouldn't take it unless I gave MirrorMoon as well. Explain to me how that is a fair trade for Bullet Life?
  • I offered fair substitute, Jamsouls (which you said you were interested in and is more than fair for you)
  • avatar If you didn't want to make a fair substitute and deal you shouldn't have activated my game (that is STOLE IT), and told me before you traded your game!!!
  • avatar Out of 500+ games on my list, this user would only accept high-tier games as replacement for the one I no longer had.
  • avatar I proposed games I was interested in. I wasn't going to accept some lousy game I didn't want when I accepted a trade for a game I wanted.
  • avatar I've never had a trade go this sour. Beware in your dealing with this user. They will try to intimidate you given the opportunity.
  • No, I'm not giving you Miscreated for your bottom tier game. I tried to resolve fairly with this person, they wouldn't have it.
  • Every game you proposed was high tier. Except for Jamsouls, which I offered but you wouldn't take unless I game another game as well
  • avatar He accepted another trade for his game after he already accepted it in a trade with me, TRADED IT without telling me and took and activated my key and only then told me he already traded it. SO he STOLE from me intentionally.
  • I am advising anyone who trades with this person not to go first, as he lies, cheats, and tries to make a profit for himself.
  • avatar Every game you proposed was high tier. Except for Jamsouls, which I offered but you wouldn't take unless I game another game as well
  • Explain to me how Miscreated or Of Orcs and Men is fair trade for Bullet Life......
  • avatar I offered you 4 options at least and you declined them all while trying to turn the tables and attack me as I have done something to you while you STOLE FROM ME.
  • avatar Bullet Life is a $1.99 game with no card drops and Negative reviews. You threatened dispute if not resolved with high-tier bundle game
  • avatar Reasonable compenastion as the game I wanted and agreed upon not a low value game I didn't want or agreed upon.
  • avatar Threating dispute if I don't give you Miscreated(extremely lopside trade) IS intimidation.
  • I didn't steal from you, I made a mistake and offered to resolve it fairly with another game OF SIMILAR VALUE.
  • avatar and then wanted to give me some game of very low value I had little to no interest on, so you would profit, instead of a reasonable compensation
  • I didn't intimdate you, you STOLE FROM ME when with intention when you had a chance to tell me YOU DON'T HAVE THE GAME ANY MORE
  • avatar replace with MUCH higher value games ex: Miscreated, Of Orcs and Men. User was unwilling to resolve fairly
  • Proposed replacement game for the one that I didn't have, this user then tried to intimidate me and threaten dispute if I didn't
  • avatar Sent him a game, he activated it and then told me that he already traded the game we agreed upon, even though he arranged it with me. Wouldn't agree to any other subsitute I proposed. He stole from me and then claims I am being unresonable!
  • Added. I am around for a few more minutes but I might be online again later. If not we can trade tommorow.
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