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avatar SashOK1993ukr
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X Toobs failed offer with SashOK1993ukr
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  • X SashOK1993ukr failed offer with Toobs
  • X Toobs failed offer with SashOK1993ukr
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  • avatar ok dont unblock me then. remain a douche. wanted to apologize. even though this was your fault for not explaining the extremely weird crap you were doing. i guess theres a reason i was going to be the bigger man and apologize.
  • Sash, unblock me. I want to speak with you.
  • be a man and own up to your shady bullshit you scumbag.
  • youre a lying piece of shit Sash... how are you going to say i gave you nothing? you got my game and you know it... what a piece of dog shit...
  • he is making offers for games that are giveaways to promote his group, and having people give him games in exchange for joining his shitty group to get their giveawys. total scumbag move. then wants to say im a bad person. that hes dissappointed in ME.
  • if anyone looks at this, i have known SashOK1993ukr for YEARS. and he offered me this so called "trade", but it was really a Steam group giveaway that i had to jump through hoops to get what he offered me.
  • sent your key through Steam chat...
  • avatar Hi, my highest interest: CS:GO/TF2 keys, Humble Monthly bundles, gems. Medium interest: marketable cards, games with cards/+1. Lowest interest/not interested: games without +1 or DLC's. You always can add me to discuss or sent counter offer. Overview
SashOK1993ukr will send 2 of these tradables

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Toobs will send 1 of these tradables

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