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【LongBow】 completed offer with DARKKi
  • X 【LongBow】 failed offer with DARKKi
  • DARKKi completed offer with 【LongBow】
  • 🕗 DARKKi extended the expiration by 8 days
  • 🕗 【LongBow】 extended the expiration by 8 days
  • > DARKKi accepted offer from 【LongBow】
  • < 【LongBow】 proposed offer to DARKKi
  • 🕗 darkk! set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 【LongBow】 set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar You can two. Cards are required.
  • I traded it in another place. Instead of searching the same, you can give any starting from 10 Wishlisted.
  • avatar So as this is disputed there is no use on getting you a free extra copy although i already gave you key to one. You talk first and then do things like this after? Well dispute it is then... :\ Too bad i cannot seem to put dispute to you, should have not pressed complete trade before, stupid me :\
  • avatar I'm sorry. I wanted to write in Steam after Barter, but there were cases and I forgot about it.
  • avatar Oh, you disputed this. Nice, could at least msg me on Steam first.
  • Well, i will get you a new one then. It would be nice if someone could at least save it somewhere since we were trading.
  • avatar But you, apparently, missed it.
  • I wrote to you that I will not take it until my key is used.
  • I sent the key, the counterpart received it, but said that it was a gift and used it only in a few weeks. He gave out his key, but since I was not sure of my own, I did not take it and decided to wait. A few days ago I learned that he had removed the key.
  • avatar I gave it to you in chat a loooong time ago if you remember :]
  • avatar Where my key Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville?
  • avatar What situation? Isn't this trade done like weeks ago :]
  • avatar If tomorrow the situation does not change, I will have to open a dispute.
  • Attention! Some games that I activated with keys for beta testers were recalled. In this regard, I ask you to inform me if your keys are. Overview
【LongBow】 will send 1 of these tradables

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