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AlbyPhenix claimed ...

Rattfink claimed Mediator action

avatar ellipsism volunteered to mediate this dispute.

X Psycho78 failed offer with Alien
  • Alien completed offer with Psycho78
  • > Psycho78 accepted offer from Alien
  • < Alien proposed offer to Psycho78
  • 🕗 Rattfink set accepted offer to expire
  • 🕗 AlbyPhenix set proposed offer to expire
  • avatar i offer you Guild of Dungeoneering to repair
  • anyway , i offer you again my apoligizes
  • what? i think you confuse me with another -_-' i never give bad rep in barter, if i remember well
  • avatar LIES 1. I never got a valid key 2. you never apoligized 3. You left me bad rep first i was fine with just trade failed. So unless you have screenshot of the chat i'm going with what i remember of the exchange.
  • You gave me bad rep first after i failed trade and blocked you than I gave you bad rep to get mediation for steam trades. There's a reason the bad rep you left me is gone. You messed up and now a year later your telling lies.
  • avatar you have revived my apologies and another game but you give bad rep, and i don't know why. So much people give me good rep, sometimes i found problems in this trades but other people understand and appreciates my apologies and my fix ( sorry bad english)
  • when i have problems , all time i made apologize and i give another game to repair. You can check on steamtrades if you want, i have the double of your rep, but i found people like you, you don't want fix that problem and i don't know why
  • avatar We even when thru this on steam trades a year ago when you gave me negative rep so i retaliated to mediation and my neg rep was removed and yours stayed. I didn't block you for no reason you where not nice after giving me a bad key
  • Call me a liar all you want the fact is then and now you never tried to make it right and now a year later you state that i accepted a new game and blocked you. FALSE tell the truth if you want to solve this.
  • avatar what? You lie, your game is from bundle and never go free before our trade, i have no reasons to say that. i made apologize all time when is my bad and i try istant to found another game to repair. i think you confuse me with another trader
  • avatar Not true you never apologized and when a told you what other games i was interested in that's when you laughed and said my game was only worth a giveaway game. You never gave me a working game key so stop saying i accepted a new game.
  • avatar i never use rude language. I trade so much keys, one is already used, i give you my apologize and another games, you have accept the new game but you give me trade failed and you block me.
  • avatar It's been awhile since this happened but if a remember correctly he gave me an already used key then sent me rude messages saying my game wasn't worth anything but giveaway games. Blocked him and moved on.
  • avatar Hi, Alien contacted me about mediating this dispute. What happened?
  • avatar just the key is so old but i talk with Psycho78 and he recived another key
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