SWR JST DX Selective Memory Erase Effect

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Castle Decor

⇄ tradeable: TRMshadow; Quantum; CourteousKnight; Yasuke Skin.Trade; Incompl; Alenonimo; Toni; Sheepmatty; #Rocket to Uranus; Puph; Starwhite; 孙想钱; Hyper; Mara; Nostalgias

Everybody's Idol

⇄ tradeable: Incompl; Cruci; Sheepmatty; #Rocket to Uranus; Puph; Nostalgias; FilthySouls

Action Cat

⇄ tradeable: Quantum; Icecream88; Yasuke Skin.Trade; Mara; Nostalgias; RetroGamerAndrew

Action Cat in Trouble

⇄ tradeable: Mr.Step0 ™; TRMshadow; Quantum; CourteousKnight; Icecream88; Toni; Sheepmatty; Puph; 孙想钱; rapsodelopront

Old School

⇄ tradeable: TRMshadow; CourteousKnight; Icecream88; Cruci; Alenonimo; Puph; Starwhite; 孙想钱; Hyper; Mara

Very Old

⇄ tradeable: Alenonimo; Toni; #Rocket to Uranus; Starwhite; Hyper; Gonah