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Do you have dozens or even hundreds of unredeemed bundle games? Want to trade those digital leftovers for games on your wishlist? If yes, this site can help you find and manage those trades.

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into formatable, shareable, matchable collections.

Organize your game collections, track across multiple stores and platforms.

Steam icon SteamReviewsCards
Cubicity pending tradeIndiegala icon87%6
Hektor [W] tier 2Groupees icon70%5
Dead Effect x2 DailyIndieGame icon77%6
OutlastHumble Bundle icon96%5
Qora may keepBundlestars icon75%6
Origin icon Origin
Mirror's Edge
Uplay icon Uplay
Heroes of Might & Magic V

Match with other active gamers to find the most likely trades.

[H] User Has[W] User Wants User 24, 21, 0
Hate Plus
The Last Door
Second User 27, 22, 0
Steam Trading Cards
Organic Panic
Northmark: Hour of the Wolf
Frozen Synapse Prime
Chronicles of a Dark Lord
Crazy Cars - Hit the Road
Third User 41, 30, 0
Tower of Eglathia
Metal Dead

Trade because one gamer's bundle leftovers are another's wishlist games.

From:Barter User 35; 23; 0Steam Gifts icon Steam icon ROWcompleted 90; 50; 0Steam Gifts iconSteam iconROWcompleted
  • Barter User completed offer with just now
  • completed offer with Barter User 1 hour ago
  • accepted offer from Barter User 1 day ago
  • < Barter User proposed offer to 2 days ago
Barter User tradables

In exchange for tradables
Sent and received all items from this offer.

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Site Statistics

New Users 15 Active Users 935 Total Users 8320

Most Wishlisted (% of users)
Dishonored 244%
Hyper Light Drifter43%
The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt43%
Quantum Break40%
Most Available (on 1+ wishlist)
Minion Masters32%
Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut31%
Else Heart.Break()28%
Chroma Squad26%

Previous 2 years30 days24 hours
All Offers466,19622,657761
Games Traded254,44310,354222
Completed Offers89,239340973
All Failed Offers1146590
Disputed (lost game)167110
Not as Described213130

An offer can have up to 2 failure reasons (1 from sender, 1 from receipient). For example, one failed offer could be both abandoned and not as described.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is this site?
  • tracks your digital game libraries, wishlists and tradables from different stores. You can then quickly find who has the games you want and if they've wishlisted your tradeable games.
  • How do I get started?
  • Sign in through Steam securely using OpenID. This automatically adds your Steam wishlist and library, but only if your Steam profile is public.
  • Why go through Steam to login?
  • Steam acts as an OpenID provider. It serves as both your identity and a way to sync your Steam wishlist and library.
  • Is this site for game giveaways?
  • No, try for giveaways.
  • Is this site for finding cheap sales?
  • No, try to track prices.
  • Can I trade only a single game?
  • Yes, although the site is intended for frequent traders.
  • What about games not on Steam?
  • There is currently limited support for GOG, Origin, Desura and Uplay titles.
  • More questions?
  • Visit Steam group.


  • November 8, 2015: Bundles section indicates if you own or want each game
  • November 1: is 1-year-old
  • September 20: Updates to the collection section (filter, match)
  • August 13 new search page shows games, bundles and users
  • June 16: select individual trading cards to trade in offers

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