D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die

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A Detective who Dives into the past
Mysterious Girl / Freeloader

⇄ tradeable: ̩̥͓͔͒; dian~[plue5]; lamer; markx2; Silver Dragon


⇄ tradeable: wagosaur; ̩̥͓͔͒; dian~[plue5]; Hearmeroar; mexizzy1


⇄ tradeable: Rozen; ̩̥͓͔͒; dian~[plue5]; T-Patch [rip]; Silver Dragon

The Super Sleuth!

⇄ tradeable: wagosaur; lamer; markx2; Hearmeroar; mexizzy1

Strike a Pose

⇄ tradeable: dian~[plue5]; Silver Dragon