Odallus: The Dark Call

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The fire talked to him

⇄ tradeable: BeDoubleU; SgtMathias; Wertyop70; Malone86; walterbarrett; ★PppnRppp

All there is in the world

⇄ tradeable: cojoha; cillosis; Van011; BeDoubleU; RatsQ


⇄ tradeable: Van011; SgtMathias; Wertyop70; FilthySouls; walterbarrett; RatsQ; ★PppnRppp

War is all around us

⇄ tradeable: cojoha; cillosis; BeDoubleU; SgtMathias; Kaci; Malone86; FredyJackson ●▂●

Copious were the darkness spawn

⇄ tradeable: theCat_plays; Malone86; walterbarrett; ★PppnRppp