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⇄ tradeable: Nameless; Donny The Dealer; Cajito, the Cat King; Kamui; PppnRppp; lusid306; AnderPR; Mr McChew; meera; soccer cheeto; pztsdhr712; ui; FarLight


⇄ tradeable: Espoah; Krakxx; Kamui; AnderPR; Renegade; Tommy Wiseau; Twiste Minds; RhythmKnight; antartic; walibixo; Introspective; meera; sparkyjrox; Arfphandal Forfal Forphan 🔥; TiGrOu42; pztsdhr712; tcmendor; Alexis

The Junk Dogs

⇄ tradeable: Espoah; Aurea; Krakxx; PppnRppp; Flaksponge; AnderPR; Tommy Wiseau; TheL0rd0fSpace; Mr McChew; soccer cheeto; Slayer Jezza; Janp

The S.O.B.

⇄ tradeable: Nameless; Espoah; Cajito, the Cat King; Gandysampras; Krakxx; Flaksponge; lusid306; antartic; TheL0rd0fSpace; meera; sparkyjrox; Slayer Jezza; Arfphandal Forfal Forphan 🔥; ui; Alexis; FarLight

The Cervezmen

⇄ tradeable: Nameless; Gandysampras; Aurea; Kamui; PppnRppp; Tommy Wiseau; RhythmKnight; antartic; TheL0rd0fSpace; walibixo; Introspective; Mr McChew; soccer cheeto; Age0923; sparkyjrox; Slayer Jezza; tcmendor; Alexis; FarLight