Build 'n Bump

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The One with the Underbite

⇄ tradeable: Schenectady Synecdoche; Jxt09; 🅲 🅳 🅴; Wingz; qt 3.14; aves; Rabiator; .4nDr3🎮; Higgy Baby; ☀ geoglitch; DrPixel; Reyalpeno; Torva Crinem; mientus83

The One in the Bowl

⇄ tradeable: Schenectady Synecdoche; .vorteX//; Zeratulon; NGaming; Nostalgias; Ducky; Jxt09; Chuckles☢; Faith No More; ☀ geoglitch; ✪ Benz1; Reyalpeno; motown_junk51; mientus83; C@pric0rn; advanceagent

The Box-Shaped One

⇄ tradeable: Schenectady Synecdoche; .vorteX//; SgtMathias; MrMcMichael; Silver Dragon; ➳+D-G+➳; qt 3.14; aves; Rabiator; SpanneR_RingS; ☀ geoglitch; DrPixel; Reyalpeno; motown_junk51; Torva Crinem; Milouze; C@pric0rn; bellum

The One with the Weird Neck

⇄ tradeable: SgtMathias; Zeratulon; Nostalgias; Jxt09; Silver Dragon; Wingz; Chuckles☢; Game Maniac; Higgy Baby; ☀ geoglitch; DrPixel; Reyalpeno; Torva Crinem; C@pric0rn; advanceagent; PraX

The Round One

⇄ tradeable: .vorteX//; Nostalgias; 🅲 🅳 🅴; ➳+D-G+➳; Chuckles☢; Rabiator; .4nDr3🎮; Faith No More; SpanneR_RingS; ☀ geoglitch; DrPixel; ✪ Benz1; motown_junk51; PraX

The One with Nice Eyes

⇄ tradeable: Zeratulon; NGaming; MrMcMichael; Ducky; Silver Dragon; Wingz; ➳+D-G+➳; qt 3.14; aves; .4nDr3🎮; Faith No More; SpanneR_RingS; Higgy Baby; ☀ geoglitch; DrPixel; ✪ Benz1; Reyalpeno; mientus83; Milouze; advanceagent; PraX