Heroes of Legionwood

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The Darkness

⇄ tradeable: Keeper_of_Peace; Chimizu; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays; phermium

Grudge Holder

⇄ tradeable: Rozen; Clemmy; mouisaac; markx2; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays; .vorteX//; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav

Precursor Robot

⇄ tradeable: Rozen; ✪Fayzs; [FR] Enata; BlobbyCHEZhead; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav

Vampire Lord

⇄ tradeable: Keeper_of_Peace; Chimizu; ✪Fayzs; BlobbyCHEZhead; o'_'o小褲褲狂魔Tav

Living Mass

⇄ tradeable: markx2; .vorteX//; BlobbyCHEZhead; phermium

Dead Horde

⇄ tradeable: Chimizu; ✪Fayzs; markx2; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays