My Bones

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We chose a bad end

⇄ tradeable: [B0T]Philly; Recu; #Rocket to Uranus; ✪Fayzs; tstki; SaFo; Mephisto; Skarxing; theCat ||; Myrsan; malokero99 | Dropando cartas; NukE; 【ȶɮʍ】 Malone86; ЅevoK; ➳+D-G+➳; KVAZAR®; Wixty

Bloody sand

⇄ tradeable: SkiLEXx; #Rocket to Uranus; ✪Fayzs; kamk; Sr.Cofo; Mephisto; Espoah; cillosis; malokero99 | Dropando cartas; NukE; ЅevoK; Wixty

Trying to find yourself.

⇄ tradeable: [B0T]Philly; Sr.Cofo; Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ TEAM CHINA; Thomas; Mephisto; Espoah; Guille36; theCat ||; cillosis; malokero99 | Dropando cartas; NGaming; Nostalgias; NukE; Une_tuille; ➳+D-G+➳; KVAZAR®

The beast broke loose .

⇄ tradeable: [B0T]Philly; #Rocket to Uranus; ✪Fayzs; Sr.Cofo; Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ TEAM CHINA; Thomas; Espoah; Skarxing; Guille36; cillosis; Leo Jureki; NGaming; cybertrance; ➳+D-G+➳; Wixty; Τinkerbell

The end is near

⇄ tradeable: Recu; SkiLEXx; tstki; kamk; Sr.Cofo; SaFo; Thomas; theCat ||; cillosis; Myrsan; Leo Jureki; Nostalgias; 【ȶɮʍ】 Malone86; ЅevoK; KVAZAR®

There waiting for you a monster.

⇄ tradeable: Recu; tstki; Sr.Cofo; SaFo; Mephisto; Skarxing; Guille36; theCat ||; Myrsan; Leo Jureki; NGaming; 【ȶɮʍ】 Malone86; Une_tuille; Wixty

Master of keys

⇄ tradeable: SkiLEXx; tstki; kamk; Sr.Cofo; SaFo; Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ TEAM CHINA; Thomas; Espoah; Skarxing; Guille36; Myrsan; malokero99 | Dropando cartas; Nostalgias; Une_tuille; ЅevoK