Planet of the Eyes

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Surface Wasteland

⇄ tradeable: Mephisto; Boomsta; Kamui; Renegade; antartic; meera; Lorenzo; Slayer Jezza; Arfphandal Forfal Forphan

The Scrapper

⇄ tradeable: wavejumper; Boomsta; BeDoubleU; antartic; marvellovich; Taint; MasterJunior

Lost Jellyfish

⇄ tradeable: Mephisto; zelgaris; marvellovich; Taint; Slayer Jezza; MasterJunior; Arfphandal Forfal Forphan; PraX

Cave Beetle

⇄ tradeable: Mephisto; Cajito, the Cat King; BeDoubleU; Kamui; PppnRppp; Renegade; meera; zelgaris; Qwarrock; PraX

Deep Sea Fish

⇄ tradeable: Boomsta; PppnRppp; antartic; zelgaris; Lorenzo; marvellovich; Taint; Qwarrock; Slayer Jezza; Arfphandal Forfal Forphan; PraX

The Eye

⇄ tradeable: wavejumper; Cajito, the Cat King; BeDoubleU; FilthySouls; PppnRppp; meera; MasterJunior