Way of Gold and Steel

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Stonecutter's hut

⇄ tradeable: Vice; ✯ Love Dove CS.MONEY; dotHacker; ЅevoK; garvins

Aboriginal leader's hut

⇄ tradeable: Rozen; ✪Fayzs; ЅevoK; garvins; TiGrOu42


⇄ tradeable: Vice; ✯ Love Dove CS.MONEY; bmendonc; dotHacker; 薛定喵; ЅevoK; garvins; philipp_chris


⇄ tradeable: Rozen; ✪Fayzs; ЅevoK; garvins; philipp_chris; TiGrOu42


⇄ tradeable: Rozen; Vice; bmendonc; philipp_chris; TiGrOu42

The Great Castle

⇄ tradeable: ✯ Love Dove CS.MONEY; dotHacker; ✪Fayzs; 薛定喵; ЅevoK