The Flame in the Flood

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⇄ tradeable: Kamui; Potemkin; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; antartic; meera

Feral Children

⇄ tradeable: Donny The Dealer; Nomnaut; Potemkin; PppnRppp; cDr0p; antartic; Mr McChew; meera

Helen Cockrow

⇄ tradeable: PppnRppp; `ƒƒ´ Aruc'h | Dwendroid' idlin'; antartic; Heiluri; Gonah

Flim Flam

⇄ tradeable: Donny The Dealer; Kamui; PppnRppp; Renegade; TheL0rd0fSpace; Mr McChew; Heiluri

Quincy Collie

⇄ tradeable: Morpheus; TheL0rd0fSpace; Mr McChew; meera; Heiluri; Gonah