Valhalla Hills

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Wolfram, the lone Wolf

⇄ tradeable: ✦ ATHANH ✦; DerpyGalaxy

Beorn, the Big Bad Bear

⇄ tradeable: ✦ ATHANH ✦

Ulf, the evil Ice Golem

⇄ tradeable: ᒍOᑌᖇᑎᕮY Oᐯᕮᖇ; Belfry

Mighty mighty Ragnhild

⇄ tradeable: ᒍOᑌᖇᑎᕮY Oᐯᕮᖇ; ✪ DlinkKeur ✪; AlexL29; [KOT] Herr.Lehmann.

Brodir, the Viking Woodcutter

⇄ tradeable: AlexL29; [KOT] Herr.Lehmann.

Fishing Frida

⇄ tradeable: ✦ ATHANH ✦; ᒍOᑌᖇᑎᕮY Oᐯᕮᖇ; DerpyGalaxy; Belfry; [KOT] Herr.Lehmann.