Giana Sisters: Dream Runners

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The Voodowol

⇄ tradeable: JasuXxX; EV1LICIOUS <B>; Narharos; lamer; Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ TEAM CHINA; Wingz

The Robot

⇄ tradeable: [FR] Enata; l0ck0 |; Bigmama; JasuXxX; lamer; Gab; Phukndeeveesss; Wingz

The DieselStormer

⇄ tradeable: [FR] Enata; JasuXxX; BlobbyCHEZhead; Phukndeeveesss; Dino; Wingz

The Ninja

⇄ tradeable: l0ck0 |; Bigmama; JasuXxX; EV1LICIOUS <B>; Kranolf; lamer; Gab; Dino

The Red Giana

⇄ tradeable: Bigmama; JasuXxX; Narharos; Kranolf; Gab; BlobbyCHEZhead