Magical Brickout

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The Dead Tree

⇄ tradeable: DamageInc.

The Mechanical Beast

⇄ tradeable: Ducky; zelgaris

The Haunted Pirate Armor

⇄ tradeable: skl_andrey; Atombath; zelgaris

The Exploding Goblin

⇄ tradeable: Ducky; zelgaris; DamageInc.

Zombie King

⇄ tradeable: skl_andrey; Ducky; Jxt09; Atombath; zelgaris; DamageInc.

The Rock Monster

⇄ tradeable: Jxt09; Atombath

The Ice Dragon

⇄ tradeable: skl_andrey; zelgaris

The Evil Wizard

⇄ tradeable: skl_andrey; Jxt09; Atombath