Urizen Shadows of the Cold

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Lord Draconan

⇄ tradeable: Kaffra; Narga95; dotHacker; ✪Fayzs; Alfhar; Nvy_X15; Vy0x2; mouisaac; °•NĭGhtWØlƒs•°; JasuXxX; Narharos; Tusik; GhostNight; napo; juanmicac; KbronCT; Hyper; cillosis; mraq; deepfall

King Merciless

⇄ tradeable: Narga95; dotHacker; ✪Fayzs; Dany-L; Nvy_X15; °•NĭGhtWØlƒs•°; Goldsmit409; JasuXxX; Narharos; GhostNight; juanmicac; gearup™ 囧; mraq; deepfall; Krakxx


⇄ tradeable: Narga95; ✪Fayzs; Nvy_X15; Vy0x2; °•NĭGhtWØlƒs•°; Goldsmit409; JasuXxX; Tusik; tstki; napo; rindazzz; cillosis; gearup™ 囧

Joshua Bomber

⇄ tradeable: Nvy_X15; JasuXxX; Tusik; tstki; napo; rindazzz; KbronCT; Hyper; BloodyAngel; cillosis; deepfall; Krakxx


⇄ tradeable: Backdoor/Win32.Delf.gen_4; Kaffra; dotHacker; Nvy_X15; JasuXxX; GhostNight; napo; rindazzz; juanmicac; KbronCT; Hyper; gearup™ 囧; Krakxx


⇄ tradeable: Backdoor/Win32.Delf.gen_4; Kaffra; bmendonc; Dany-L; Alfhar; Nvy_X15; mouisaac; Goldsmit409; JasuXxX; Narharos; tstki; Hyper; BloodyAngel; mraq