VERGE:Lost chapter

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dark worlds

⇄ tradeable: ✪Fayzs; dian~[plue5]; EstoyEnElYermo; Mephisto; KbronCT; kredddy; Mara; cillosis; Malokero99; Sabirila; KVAZAR®; Hector_evil; Canuckrat; d3ToX; 宇宙猫; ♕ SaFteiNZz ' [SaFt1Zz]

Abandoned place

⇄ tradeable: ̩̥͓͔͒; tstki; napo; Mephisto; KbronCT; [BAT] Co0oL4EveR; Guille36; kredddy; Leo Jureki; Sabirila; Malone86; Une_tuille; PppnRppp; SENPA1; Hector_evil; Erer08; brake [Buying Cards]; Canuckrat

The tomb where he was buried killer

⇄ tradeable: ̩̥͓͔͒; EstoyEnElYermo; °•NĭGhtWØlƒs•°; tstki; Thomas; KbronCT; [BAT] Co0oL4EveR; Guille36; Cajito, the Cat King; kredddy; Leo Jureki; NukE; Une_tuille; KVAZAR®; Wixty; ✪ ZERO; SENPA1; Hector_evil; Erer08; Canuckrat; d3ToX; 宇宙猫

On this tree killed a lot of people.

⇄ tradeable: SkiLEXx; ✪Fayzs; dian~[plue5]; EstoyEnElYermo; Thomas; [BAT] Co0oL4EveR; kredddy; Mara; cillosis; Malokero99; PppnRppp; KVAZAR®; Wixty; ✪ ZERO; SENPA1; Hector_evil; Erer08; pukker87 | Steaм; DamageInc.; brake [Buying Cards]; ♕ SaFteiNZz ' [SaFt1Zz]


⇄ tradeable: SkiLEXx; ✪Fayzs; °•NĭGhtWØlƒs•°; napo; Thomas; Mephisto; KbronCT; Cajito, the Cat King; Mara; cillosis; Malokero99; Leo Jureki; Une_tuille; KVAZAR®; Hector_evil; Erer08; 宇宙猫; ♕ SaFteiNZz ' [SaFt1Zz]


⇄ tradeable: SkiLEXx; ̩̥͓͔͒; °•NĭGhtWØlƒs•°; tstki; Thomas; Guille36; kredddy; cillosis; Leo Jureki; NukE; Sabirila; Malone86; PppnRppp; ✪ ZERO; Hector_evil; Erer08; DamageInc.; Canuckrat; ♕ SaFteiNZz ' [SaFt1Zz]

The door to freedom.

⇄ tradeable: SkiLEXx; ̩̥͓͔͒; °•NĭGhtWØlƒs•°; napo; Mephisto; Guille36; kredddy; Malokero99; NukE; Malone86; PppnRppp; Hector_evil; Erer08; pukker87 | Steaм; bayan999; DamageInc.; brake [Buying Cards]; Canuckrat; 宇宙猫