Ant War: Domination

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Scout Ant

⇄ tradeable: Ducky; LanExeter |; aves; Rabiator; da_norf; Faith No More; C@pric0rn; SpanneR_RingS; surugu8; DrPixel; iBlaze2K; theemu; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA; PrinzVonBillAir; advanceagent

Nurse Ant

⇄ tradeable: Ganta 94; Ducky; Silver Dragon; Τinkerbell; Faith No More; SpanneR_RingS; mientus83; Camo Toe; theemu; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA; devotee; MEHXO; PrinzVonBillAir; advanceagent

Worker Ant

⇄ tradeable: Ganta 94; Ducky; Une_tuille; Atombath; aves; da_norf; xS > DRIFT; C@pric0rn; Game Maniac; mientus83; Camo Toe; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA; Milouze; MEHXO; PrinzVonBillAir

Soldier Ant

⇄ tradeable: Une_tuille; Silver Dragon; aves; Rabiator; C@pric0rn; mientus83; Camo Toe; iBlaze2K; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA; Torva Crinem; devotee; Milouze; MEHXO

Buster the Bully

⇄ tradeable: Ganta 94; LanExeter |; MATRIX; aves; Rabiator; Faith No More; xS > DRIFT; C@pric0rn; SpanneR_RingS; surugu8; Camo Toe; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA; Torva Crinem; Milouze; PrinzVonBillAir

The Exterminator

⇄ tradeable: Ganta 94; da_norf; SpanneR_RingS; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA; Torva Crinem; devotee; MEHXO; PrinzVonBillAir

The Crazy Chicken

⇄ tradeable: Une_tuille; Atombath; da_norf; Faith No More; Game Maniac; surugu8; DrPixel; theemu; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA; devotee; PrinzVonBillAir; advanceagent

Buster's Dog

⇄ tradeable: Une_tuille; Silver Dragon; LanExeter |; Atombath; xS > DRIFT; mientus83; iBlaze2K; |.:M.A.D:.| LARGATICHA; Torva Crinem; Milouze; MEHXO; PrinzVonBillAir; advanceagent