Gremlins, Inc.

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The Damned

⇄ tradeable: emcer[☯]; da_norf

The Politician

⇄ tradeable: Metro Retro

The Manager

⇄ tradeable: Memoire

The Engineer

⇄ tradeable: Metro Retro; emcer[☯]; Memoire

The Gambler

⇄ tradeable: Metro Retro; da_norf

The Merchant

⇄ tradeable: emcer[☯]; Memoire; wickdlowki

The Pauper

⇄ tradeable: Metro Retro; 北辰

The Collector

⇄ tradeable: Metro Retro; wickdlowki; da_norf

The Secret Agent
The Thief

⇄ tradeable: 北辰

The Prosecutor

⇄ tradeable: emcer[☯]; Surricate The Meerkat Dergun

The Banker

⇄ tradeable: emcer[☯]; Memoire; wickdlowki