Ashes of the Singularity

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PHC Engineer

⇄ tradeable: Abcdefgdude; xS > DRIFT; Wind Of Memory; Camo Toe; MEHXO; devotee; PrinzVonBillAir; iluwQaa

PHC Apollo

⇄ tradeable: Abcdefgdude; Silver Dragon; Wind Of Memory; theemu

Substrate Avenger

⇄ tradeable: Silver Dragon; xS > DRIFT; Camo Toe; PrinzVonBillAir

Substrate Savager

⇄ tradeable: Camo Toe; PrinzVonBillAir; iluwQaa

Substrate Punisher

⇄ tradeable: Silver Dragon; theemu; devotee; iluwQaa

PHC Hyperion

⇄ tradeable: Elabajaba; I_R_MMMEDIC!!; xS > DRIFT; Wind Of Memory; theemu; MEHXO; devotee