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⇄ tradeable: ♔☆EZGitGud♔☆; Aemon; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays; SgtMathias; JPDEFO; walibixo

The Mannequin Tribe

⇄ tradeable: ♔☆EZGitGud♔☆; Aemon; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays; cillosis; SgtMathias; Myrsan; rafa.vb; Wertyop70; CdE

The Giant

⇄ tradeable: ♔☆EZGitGud♔☆; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays; BeDoubleU; Myrsan; Malone86; CdE

The Glibs

⇄ tradeable: ♔☆EZGitGud♔☆; Aemon; Mephisto; SgtMathias; Myrsan; JPDEFO; Wertyop70; Malone86; Jxt09

The Junkyard King

⇄ tradeable: Mephisto; theCat || twitch.tv/thecat_plays; BeDoubleU; SgtMathias; Wertyop70; Malone86; Jxt09; CdE

Junkyard Minion

⇄ tradeable: Aemon; Mephisto; Wertyop70; FilthySouls; Jxt09

The Shopkeeper

⇄ tradeable: cillosis; JPDEFO; rafa.vb; Bazil; walibixo