Stronghold HD

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Sir Longarm

⇄ tradeable: SpiceHustle29; Jazz Cat -; Alenonimo; Gaff; Miketool; Lord Roost; Abcdefgdude; Malone86; ~Z~; Pogoflow🌞; antartic; shadowX; Tingcat; Robial; It's Me!; Shyuro (afk/idle); Evanito; rapsodelopront

The Rat

⇄ tradeable: luckz; ~Zero; r3k0; dedge; herkuli; iDisOrder; Vice; Espoah; Malone86; Gh0stW4r; Pogoflow🌞; antartic; TheL0rd0fSpace; Tingcat; Robial; Nitro; Shyuro (afk/idle); CUE

The Snake

⇄ tradeable: luckz; r3k0; yuv912^; dedge; FedGuard; den0saur; SpiceHustle29; nico; Alenonimo; eXtreme; Miketool; dotHacker; SaFo; Get Up Again; Lord Roost; Wertyop70; NovaScotiaSean; Nitro; CUE

The Pig

⇄ tradeable: luckz; ~Zero; r3k0; den0saur; SpiceHustle29; Jazz Cat -; nico; Vice; emotionengine; dotHacker; T-Patch [rip]; SaFo; Get Up Again; Danton; Malone86; Gh0stW4r; ~Z~; antartic; TheL0rd0fSpace; Nitro; It's Me!; Shyuro (afk/idle); Evanito

The Wolf

⇄ tradeable: ~Zero; yuv912^; NightShade; dedge; den0saur; Jazz Cat -; nico; Excuritas; Alenonimo; Vice; Miketool; emotionengine; dotHacker; SaFo; Espoah; Lord Roost; Abcdefgdude; Wertyop70; Gh0stW4r; ~Z~; Pogoflow🌞; shadowX; Tingcat; NovaScotiaSean; Robial; It's Me!; Evanito; rapsodelopront; CUE; bellum