The Secret Order 2: Masked Intent

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Ancient mask

⇄ tradeable: The Lord Purvis of Tweed; SkiLEXx; FatalRacer; EstoyEnElYermo; 薛定喵; FearLycan; sn; SgtMathias; BRKL [idle]; ⎛⎝atslughorn⎠⎞; meera; Kamui

Hero of time

⇄ tradeable: *****IsDRM; SkiLEXx; FatalRacer; dian~[plue5]; Bigmama; FearLycan; blacksnc; Espoah; sn; SgtMathias; BRKL [idle]; PppnRppp; meera


⇄ tradeable: The Lord Purvis of Tweed; FatalRacer; muse; EstoyEnElYermo; 薛定喵; Bigmama; FearLycan; ale_34_679; blacksnc; SgtMathias; meera; Kamui

You will not pass!

⇄ tradeable: *****IsDRM; FatalRacer; muse; EstoyEnElYermo; ale_34_679; Espoah; sn; Kamui

Town Guard

⇄ tradeable: FatalRacer; muse; 薛定喵; Bigmama; ale_34_679; blacksnc; BRKL [idle]