The fall of gods

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The beginning

⇄ tradeable: SgtMathias; skl_andrey; TiGrOu42; Skarxing

The light

⇄ tradeable: HAL2000; TiGrOu42; Skarxing

The four

⇄ tradeable: SgtMathias; HAL2000; Skarxing

The gods

⇄ tradeable: skl_andrey; DK |; MEM | CSGOFade.Net; Skarxing

The world

⇄ tradeable: SgtMathias; Skarxing

Esther's drean

⇄ tradeable: DK |

The magic

⇄ tradeable: HAL2000; DK |; MEM | CSGOFade.Net; TiGrOu42

The soul

⇄ tradeable: skl_andrey; TiGrOu42

The big bang

⇄ tradeable: SgtMathias; skl_andrey; HAL2000; DK |; TiGrOu42