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Ohio Jack

⇄ tradeable: A.R.M.; Vice; #Rocket to Uranus; Jxt09; Lilly (✿◠‿◠); phermium; brake[B>Cards / TF2 Backpacks]


⇄ tradeable: #Rocket to Uranus; Clemmy; SgtMathias; Ducky; CdE; Lilly (✿◠‿◠)

The Cup of Eternity

⇄ tradeable: Vice; Angel De Brito; markx2; Ducky; Lilichis; Wingz; Lilly (✿◠‿◠); brake[B>Cards / TF2 Backpacks]

The Merfolk

⇄ tradeable: A.R.M.; Angel De Brito; SgtMathias; Ducky; Lilichis; Nagelfar87

The Zombie

⇄ tradeable: Angel De Brito; Lilichis; CdE; Wingz; Nagelfar87; 那年下雨天; brake[B>Cards / TF2 Backpacks]

The Cake

⇄ tradeable: A.R.M.; #Rocket to Uranus; Clemmy; markx2; SgtMathias; Jxt09; CdE; Wingz; phermium; Nagelfar87; 那年下雨天